Chocolate Cyst Ovary

Endometrial cysts are also called endometriomas or achocolate cysts,a because they are filled with dark blood resembling chocolate syrup. They’re a result of a condition know as endometriosis.

Endometriosis occurs when pieces of tissue break away from the uterine lining and become attached to organs outside the uterus. In about 50 percent of cases, these tissue patches build up in or on one or both ovaries.

After successive menstrual cycles, these misplaced sections of endometrial tissue bleed and gradually form endometrial cysts. In time, as the cysts grow, they can become as large as a grapefruit.

Because they often cover large parts of an ovary, endometrial cysts can prevent ovulation and cause infertility.

Some women have no symptoms when an endometrial cyst is present while others experience severe menstrual cramps and pain during intercourse or during bowel movements.

Diagnosing Endometrial Cysts

A complete medical history and thorough pelvic examination is very useful when diagnosing endometriosis and its resultant complications — such as ovarian cysts.

During the physical exam your doctor may find signs of the disease including nodules formed due to endometriosis in back of the vagina, in the rectum and on ligaments supporting the uterus. Other signs include tender and enlarged ovaries, lumps in the abdomen or a uterus drawn back and attached to the rectum.

a Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is useful in locating endometriosis formations in soft tissue.

a Ultrasound is used to examine tissue masses attached to the uterus and the ovaries.

a Many physicians consider a technique called laparoscopy the only safe and reliable way to distinguish between endometriosis, pelvic growths and other disorders that produce symptoms similar to those of endometriosis.

By inserting a tiny lighted lens of a laparoscope through the navel, the doctor can see into the abdomen and examine surrounding organs. Endometrial tissue formations outside the uterus can be distinguished from cysts, tumors, fibroids or adhesions. Fallopian tube obstructions and pelvic inflammatory diseases can also be identified.

While complications are uncommon, when a sizeable endometrial cyst ruptures and spills into the pelvic cavity, it can cause internal bleeding. The cyst contents may also spill onto other organs such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder or intestines. This can cause scar tissue to form; resulting in pain and potential fertility problems.

Most typically, endometrial cysts are treated with surgery or drugs.

Surgical techniques

Surgery is often used to remove an endometrial cyst to preserve fertility. The most common technique is laparoscopic surgery whereby the surgeon inserts a telescopic device into the patient’s abdomen through a small incision below the navel.

The doctor’s objectives during this procedure are to remove the cyst or cysts from the ovary, provide fast pain relief and reverse infertility.

Laser surgery is sometimes used to cauterize ovarian cysts

Medical treatments

Typically, doctors will prescribe drug therapy to treat endometrial cysts only when the patient is not attempting to conceive. The drugs for such applications are usually hormones that prevent ovulation. This reduces uterine cell production and makes recurrence of endometrial cysts much less likely.

Natural treatments relieve pain and enable you to avoid surgery

If you’re suffering from endometrial cysts, you should seriously consider natural measures to shrink the cysts and prevent them from returning. Such treatments would enable you to avoid surgery.

Dietary supplements, vitamins and herbs can help you control endometrial cysts while balancing your hormones and improving your overall health while strengthening your immune system and organ functions.

Rather than undergoing surgery or seeking relief through hormones, drugs, pain pills or other medications, you can apply natural methods for relief from pain and illness caused by endometrial cysts.

And natural methods are safe for you and your baby if you are pregnant.

Get the information you need to rid your body of endometrial cysts, to avoid ovarian cyst surgery and prevent cysts from forming in the first place

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Frequently Asked Questions

    i have a chocolate cyst in my left ovary.i was told that i ve a follicle in my right ovary. but the ovary dint?
    release the egg till 19th day which was the doctor gave me HCG injection twice. Is it possible for me to conceive in this cycle if i ovulate.plz suggest me a treatment if not?

    • ANSWER:
      A “chocolate” cyst? Come on. There is no such thing. I suppose you have a “vanilla” cyst as well? Our bodies are not candy factories.

    hi i have a chocolate cyst in my right ovary near about 7cm.?
    i m taking medicines but i want to now that in future can i pregnant.

    • ANSWER:
      If your taking medication than it has already been diagnosed – obviously ;0). The only thing you’d have to worry about in forms of getting pregnant in the future is if the cyst burst. If a chocolate cyst ruptures, the contents can spill into the ovaries and the pelvic cavity. This can be very painful and can also cause some of the organs in the pelvis to bind together. If this happens with the fallopian tubes and ovaries, it can result in infertility.

      Otherwise your good. As long at it remains treated and you have regular check-ups through your doctor, you should be fine. But it would be wise to speak to your doctor when you decide to become pregnant for a better resource. Where as he/she may recommend possibly surgery to drain or remove the cyst before you get pregnant.

      Good luck.

    i had 10cm chocolate cyst in my left ovary but it has been operated ,myy i get pregnant now?

    • ANSWER:
      As long as your right ovary is still functioning correctly, you should be able to get pregnant. It may take longer, but it is possible.

    do chocolate cysts on the ovary increase the risk of cancer?
    My gyno told me yesterday that there is an increased risk of 5 to 20% of cancer having these cysts and they should be removed. I have never heard this before and can’t find any info to support this on the net. I’m paranoid of surgery and was wondering if anyone has also been told about a correlation with cancer. Was my doctor exaggerating?

    • ANSWER:
      hun i am in the med field a RN and i have NEVER HEARD OF THESE DOUBLE CHK I THINK MAYBE U MISUNDERSTOOD HIM??????

    Dear friends, my friend removed one ovary before 10 years? How long the other will work?
    She operated and removed her ovary due to chocolate cyst in her ovary and she got regular periods not even skipping one month for these 10 years. Now she got married and taking all steps to have a child. How long the other ovary will work? Is there any chance that this ovary will stop working at any point? She is longing badly for a child. Plz Help!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      My friend had one of her ovaries removed at the age of 24. She got married at 32 and had two kids without problems.
      Of course, everybody is different, but looks like it should be ok.

    Complex Chocolate cyst?
    Im 17 years old and tonight i went to the ER for abdominal pain. Turns out i have a complex Chocolate cyst on my right ovary. Pcos runs in my family. My question is at such a young age what are the chances of me becoming infertile?

    • ANSWER:
      I do not believe chocolate cysts have a relationship to PCOS. Chocolate cysts are blood filled and are more likely to be related to endometriosis.

      As for fertility: there’s just no way to know for sure. It would be silly and irresponsible to give you any guesses right now, since no one can know from here.

    chocolate cyst – Please help?
    I had a laprascopic surgery to remove 8 cm chocolate cyst in the right ovary on Feb’09.Now today i took a scan to find out that i have 10cm cyst on the right ovary again and doc is suggesting me to do a lap or open surgery again which iam not ready to becoz i know i will recur.
    Iam literally at the stage of break down as iam trying to conceive for the past 3 months and i found out this.I can’t take or want to do surgeries any more.Can somebody please suggest me any other alternative treatment like Homeopathy etc., for curing this completely.Iam so depressed,please help me.Iam already 27.Iam in Chennai,Tamilnadu,India.
    Dr.Suniel ,Please email to not able to find ur email in yahoo.Please.

    • ANSWER:
      Their is a temple in Tamil Nadu where if you send request for child they send back blessings. I will not give the address on net.
      Secondly, my medicine Sarveshwar removes cysts, fibroid, blocked Fallopian tubes etc. which is actually my grandfather’s (an famous Vaidya Pandit Faquir Chand Kaushal of Hoshiyarpur, Punjab) formulation by which i have treated 9 women to date & 10 children (last twins) have born.
      Read newspapers, you will come to know that without any reason normal patients are being operated for money & more medical complications are being created, i do not say that i have lot of newspaper cuttings to prove that.
      My medicine for women infertility is free for all.
      But for treatment of problem you will have to buy medicine which i prescribe.

    Homeopathy doctors fr Chocolate cyst?
    Does any one know good Homeopathy doctors in chennai to treat Chocolate cyst.Please help.I had a laprascopic surgery to remove 8 cm chocolate cyst in the right ovary on Feb’09.Now today i took a scan to find out that i have 10cm cyst on the right ovary again and doc is suggesting me to do a lap or open surgery again which iam not ready to becoz i know it will recur.

    • ANSWER:
      My link will give you more details about Chocolate or Hemorrhagic Cysts, but I should take your doctor’s advice, they don’t always recur, one thing is for certain homoeopathy only acts as a placebo, it’s a well known scientific fact.

      Homoeopathy, just like other placebos, only work on ailments that are caused by stress or other psychological problems, it’s worse than useless on problems that need surgery or diagnosed life threatening ailments, some diabetics for instance have DIED trying homoeopathic remedies in place of their insulin injections.

      You will probably notice a lot of thumbs down to my answer because I’m afraid that there are a lot of ‘mumbo jumbo’ believers out there.

    Chocolate Cyst removal surgery, can I have sex?
    2 weeks ago I underwent a laparotomic surgery to remove two large chocolate cysts on both of my ovaries. My surgeon was able to cut the cyst from my right ovary and she said that my right tube looks great, she did the same with my left ovary but my tube is a little damaged and she thinks that I should be cautious to avoid tubal pregnancy cause it is kind of “bumpy” not straight (the cyst has deformed it). Any way I have a long incision just above my pubic hair which is in fact good, cause no matter how low my panties are the scar will not be seen. My incision looks good though my lower abdomen is still slightly swollen and numb. I was wondering how soon after the surgery can I have sex? Would it make difference if we did it in a doggy-style? Please share with your own experience. Is it also safe to masturbate, I have not had an orgasm after the surgery so I was wondering if it would be painful or cause some difficulties? Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t mean to belittle what you are going through but I think sex and orgasm are the last things you should be contemplating right now. I would focus on getting well and letting the swelling go down first. And you should be asking your doctor, who would want to give you a physical examination first, rather than relying on online opinions.

    what is the difference if any between an ovarian cysts filled with blood and a chocolate cysts?
    before i was ever diagnosed with endo. i had a chocolate cysts burst on my ovary and it bound to my intestines. ouch!! 10 yrs later i m told i have a blood filled cysts on my right ovary. i had a partial hysterectomy last yr and was wondering if this is a sign its coming back or if its just a regular cysts with just a bit more pain and not endo related. and aside from surgury,…is there anything i can do to get it to go away quicker? or to make it burst and be done with it? anticipation mixed with the pain of feeling like your ovarys bein squeezed to death just aint doin it for me. lol and btw..its not strangulated. just hurts like hell. any help would be great!! thank you. t.
    ok but is blood in a cysts mean for sure its a chocolate cysts or not? and yes ive already done the lupron and its a horrible drug. i have permanent bone loss from it. been there done that with about everything possible related to endo. just wondering if this is the same thing repeating all over again.

    • ANSWER:
      Ovarian cysts filled with blood and debris are chocolate cysts; they are the same. They are called Endometriomas, often present in a lot of women with Endo and can become excruciatingly painful and quite large. I’m sure you know, but a hysterectomy is not a cure for Endo. The recurrence, such as that which you are experiencing, is quite high in the 5 year window following the procedure. If all Endo is not truly removed, it will recur, no matter whether you have uterus, ovaries, tubes, etc. or not. There is no cure for Endometriosis. Anyone telling you different is simply uninformed or is still adhering to outdated myths and old wive’s tales like “pregnancy, menopause and hysterectomy are curative.” They aren’t, nor are any meds a cure – they can provide temporary relief for some women some of the time, but they are only stop gap measures and all come with potentially negative and long lasting side effects. HOWEVER, there are ways to get help and feel better…my suggestion would be to seek the help of a true Endo specialist, one who can truly surgically *excise* the disease through advanced laparoscopic surgery. Excision is far different from the ablation, fulguration, cauterization and vaporization methods commonly used by most doctors who think that because they took a laser course, they are suddenly Endo experts. Typically, they will laser “what they could” and place the patient on suppresive meds afterwards. This is common, but it is not the best practice. Excision through any means (laser, monopolar scissors, etc.) is supported by scientific data as being the best way to eradicate the disease with a very low recurrence rate for the long term. Please visit any of the following websites to learn about excision and see one of the specialists:

      Good luck and I hope it all works out and you are able to be seen by someone who can truly help you, as those docs at the links above. You have a right to have your disease effectively treated and regain your quality of life – you need not suffer. Best wishes.

    i have undergone an left ovarian chocolate cyst operation on april 2009 through laproscopy.?
    the cyst size was about 10cm .Now i am having 5 cm size of same kind of cyst again in my right ovary.what kind of suggestion u can give me?
    this question is for my aunty and she is 37 years

    • ANSWER:

    How long after a laparoscopy for endometriosis did you wait to have sex?
    Friday was three weeks since my lap. I had severe endometriosis that was removed and a chocolate cyst on my ovary. My doctor is closed today and I am super anxious to wait until monday. How long did you wait to have sex. Think I would be okay?

    • ANSWER:

      I have severe endometriosis, ive had 13 operations in the past 12 months including my bladder being reconstructed because of endo. It is such a horrid illness my heart goes out to you. Ive not worked now for over a year as I have scale 10 endo which is the highest end of the scale. I have had many many Laps and had sex I think it was about 2 weeks after but you have to be so so careful (dont go at it like a nutter) I think making love instead of sex as with a lap they go inside which im sure your well aware of. Its a good job really that they do it that way otherwise you would not be asking that question believe me lol. Ive have the doctors open me up that way to drain a abscess from surgery.

      If you want to ask any more questions about endo please email me if you want to or even if your having a bad day drop me a mail I know what your going through. Im trying at the moment to start a support group from home through the charity shetrust great site for Enod problems. The chairman Mr C H Mann is my consultant (amazing man) my wizard.


      Claire xx

    Right ovarian cyst with multiple low level internal echoes?
    my age is 32 and married three year ago, first sonography report says right ovary has chocolate cyst with multiple low level internal echoes 6.4 x 6.7 x 5.4cm. but my (left ovary measures 1.9 x 1.4 cm. is it normal) my doc told to do a blood test (CBC, TSH, Hepatitis B SAG, CA-125, & RH antigen) and urine test.

    we are bit worried. can u please explain what is multiple low level internal echoes? is this ovarian cancer symptoms? is there any chances? also im TTC. will i give birth to a child?

    note: on Monday (10/01/2011) i will take blood and urine test.

    • ANSWER:

    Is there any chanse of getting pregnant with endometriosis?
    An year ago I had a surgery (chocolate cyst on my left ovary). The cyst was removed and also half of the ovary. Is there a similar case like mine, someone who had the same as I did and got pregnant? Tips?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a pretty bad case of endomitriosis and I got pregnant straight away.

    What is ur experience after laparoscopy?
    my doctor said that i have a chocolate cyst in the ovary and i’m going to undergo a laparoscopy tomorrow . can u wear pants or pyjamas after the surgery? will there be any pain in that area? please do help me as i’m a little nervous…

    • ANSWER:
      I had a laparoscopy last summer for a cyst and you can wear whatever you want but I suggest pj’s you will have pain when you sit up and down but its bearable, when you sleep you will get a little stiffer so its a little more painful at night like rolling over but again that was just me. After the surgery you will prob be constipated cuz they fill your belly with gas to make it expand so they can see. I had a really bad reaction to the anestesia though i was in alot of pain and it was abnormal i had to stay at the hospital way longer than expected but again my doctor told me what happened to me didnt happen very often. I hope what i’ve said helps and didnt scare you, oh and dont worry no matter how nervous you get they give you drugs a little bit before they knock you out to calm you down and believe me you won’t care about anything. =^.^=

    I have an endometrioma in my left ovary. I have been trying to concieve for for a very long time.?
    My doc says that I may have to have the endometrioma (or chocolate cyst) removed before I could concieve, Has anyone else had this diagnosis and what can you tell me about it?

    • ANSWER:
      No but google it. I have had surgery on my ovaries for PCOS and it was fine and easy.

    Dr. is no help with Cyst. What do I do?
    I have a cyst on my right ovary, as the doctor told me when I went to the emergency room. That was a few days ago. I am still in pain, although its not bad. I don’t know what to do because it isn’t excruciating, but it hurts. I also am so worried about my fertility..I am 23 without any children and I had brown discharge when I should have had my period which means i have a chocolate cyst that could cause infertility..should i go back to the emergency room even though the pain isn’t that bad..I even took aleve and it still hurts. HELP!
    I am a student, so my gyno is at home..and that is really far away. I don’t have one here…

    • ANSWER:
      i used to get cyst on my ovaries all the time for years, since your having the brown discharge don’t worry it’s where the cyst has burst and the brown stuff is old blood that was inside the cyst, you may even bleed afterward but the pain will go away. beleive it or not until they do burst they get more and more painful i used to have sex even though it hurt like crazy to try to get them to bust and the gyno even told me to do that….. i would really suggest that you have a baby if you really want to have children now while your young because as you age the cyst will get worse and some can even rupture and twist up and cause major infection. mine did and i had to have a hysterectomy at 30 yrs old.
      i know a hysterectomy sounds scary but it was the best thing that ever happened to me finally no more pain. but please don’t have a baby just for this reason a child is a lifetime commitment and you should have one for the right reasons..
      another thing that does help though is birth control pills alot of women take them to regulate their periods so they don’t get anymore cyst your gyno should know this, then when you get ready to have a baby just go off the pill..

    Is pregnancy possible with endometriosis?
    After not taking the pill for three years and nothing….. In March this year I had a 7cm chocolate cyst removed from my left ovary and was told my left fallopian tube is blocked too. Is it possible to become pregnant????

    • ANSWER:

    Left ovary pain during mentruation?
    Yesterday I went to my obgyn’s due to sever pain I had where my left ovary is on wednesday afternoon. Yesterday it was a bit less painfull but i still felt discomfort only on the left when she did and internal/external and poked around in that general area. She had me get two blood tests done. One for pregnancy to rule that out first, and the other for to check my blood for signs of problems or infections. She said she felt my left ovary to be slightly enlarged but everything felt normal. It could be possible that I have a small cyst, but she thinks it will just go away on its own. This has happened to me now for three cycles I have pain majorly on my left ovary side. But she was not too concerned. When they called wth the test results today she said my blood platelet count is 6 points higher than the norm, but that it could be that I started my period yesterday. She ordered an ultrasound to be done on monday to see if everything looks ok. My family has a history of ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

    The strangest thing, is that normally my cycles are 45-55 days long, this cycle i ovulated sooner, on day 21, about 5 days past positive ovulation test, I began getting period like, mild cramping all over. Then a few days later dpo 9 they got more intense and majorly on the left, but not constant. Then on wednesday it was so painfull, intense that it felt something was about to burst! The pain would go down into me leg and then after a few minutes it would go back to normal period cramping. During this time I was eperiencing dark pink-brown spotting and getting hardly any sleep. Yesterday morning i woke up at 5 am feeling all wet and I just knew it was AF. I also had the pain again but not as bad. My ovary just felt irritated like a burning sensation. As the day progressed it just felt irritated when I sat or walked, and today its even less than that but i can still feel it every now and then , or if im sitting up.

    I am still waiting on the hcg test to rule out pregnancy. I was worried about ectopic.

    I am 22, TTC #1, and other wise healthy. Has anyone ever experienced this? My mom keeps worrying me saying Im probably just like her. She would get Ovarian Cyts called chocolate cysts due to her endometriosis in her twenties. I am really hoping I dont have this as I would like to have a baby. She had me before she had her problems, and then she had to have a hysterectomy. Something i have dreaded since my first period. I have always wanted to be a mom and having this pain is really worrying me. I am not expecting to get a positive hcg test, as yesterday my bleeding started to be red and Ive passed a bit a of tissue as well, which is normal for me. Although normally my periods are much much heavier.

    I also have a loss of appetite. Today I havent eaten one bite of anything…just water. I am doing what my ob said, and laying down since my pain and cramping comes when im moving around.

    I am really confused about my cycle lenth this month as i started red bleeding only 32 days into the cycle. I was expecting another 50 day cycle. I would be greatly happy to see my cycles shorten and have no endo or cysts, but thats just me being optomistic!

    • ANSWER:
      It may be endo but it also could just be a functional cyst. Every month, your ovaries make cysts to prepare for ovulation and after the egg is released, the cyst aids in the production of progesterone in case you happened to get pregnant.

      I have endometeriosis – I had it diagnosed and removed about 2 years ago and last year, I conceived my first child. Endo can be painful but surgery helps and so does eating healthy, exercise and acupuncture. If you are truly concerned it could be endo, seek out the help of your OB or even a RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to give you a laparoscopy – that is the only way to diagnose endometriosis. Take it easy on yourself!

    I had laproscopy 7 days ago and i just had sex and may get pregnant. with a 2 past m/c, i hope i`ll be fine?
    i have had 2 miscarriages and the laproscopy was done on my right ovary with endometrosis (chocolate cyst)

    • ANSWER:
      Good luck i hope you are pregnant. Sorry about your losses. Try not to stress and worry about things and everything should be fine. Good luck and i hope you get the result you want baby dust!1

    Where can I find expert medical and alternative medical advice for curing fallopian tube blockage?
    I recently had a HSG test which showed everything except my tubes. And I understand that that is an indication of some form of blockage. I do have fibroids in the uterine wall. I’ve never had any doctor speak of endometriosis, chlamydia, gonnorrhea, or PID in my visits. On a visit yrs. ago a dr. told my about a chocolate cyst in or on one of my ovaries. She said that it was old blood, but I’m not sure where that comes from or what that actually means.

    • ANSWER:
      According to Web MD, cysts are fluid filled sacs that are located within the ovary. Cysts can form for a number of reasons one of which is when the follicle (the sac that releases the egg) grows too big and doesn’t open to release the egg. The article below should answer your questions. Good luck.

    Suction aspiration on ovarian cyst?
    Has anyone have suction aspiration on their ovarian cyst? I was told i have a 3.5mm ovarian cyst on my right ovary. The doctor suggested i could have an suction aspiration to remove the chocolate liquid instead of doing surgery. Then i will be doing an IUI on Clomid.

    Has anyone has this done before? Did it hurt?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve done it.

      You’ll be on mild sedation – basically out of it during the procedure. You’ll sleep on the table and wake up on it (about 20 minutes max). Afterward, you’ll only feel some light period cramping for 2 days. Try not to bend and lift heavy stuff.

      I was scared ****less but it turned out to be an easy thing to go through! So good luck and don’t worry.

    Can u have a vaginal hysterectomy if u haven’t had sex?
    I am 24 and haven’t had sex, but I need to have my ovaries removed because of repeated chocolate cysts caused by entometriosis. Can u still have a vaginal hysterectomy if u haven’t had sex?
    I have tried to have sex, but it was very painful, and I have a very thick hymen that refuses to break. Will having the hysterectomy finally break it, so I can have sex?

    Also my fallopian tubes are damaged, and I never wanted kids, so yes this something i want to do, despite my age.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can have a vaginal hysterectomy even if you are a virgin
      They will have to remove your hymen. So that’s obviously a bonus for you as it sounds quiet painful.
      Your Doctor may very well have taken this into consideration when choosing the way in which to do the hysterectomy.

      Your recovery time and hospital stay will also be a lot quicker through this way as they are not doing a major abdominal incision. There is also a lot less risk of infection.

    what is treatment for PCOD?
    Sir, i have chocolate cyst in right ovary.

    recently i did follicular study test..

    The report shows…

    DAY: 8

    ROF: 1.0 * 0.9 cms , 1.0 * 1.13 cms

    LOF: 1.4 * 0.9 cms , 0.8 * 0.8 cms

    ET: 3.4 mms

    No free fluid in POD.

    PCOD changes in both ovaries.

    I married before 1 year & we are trying for baby since last year….bt yet i am not getting pregnant.

    Sir, Pls tell me.. wat ll be the problem?

    • ANSWER:

    Chocolate cysts – what to do?
    I recently went to my Gyne and she discovered one on my right ovary about 5 cm – some little ones on my left – should i hv them removed or could i wait until i finish school (2years) and then see about them. Period pain like crazy, back pain, painful intercourse sometimes, irregular periods, lost weight already. Im 26, no kids – want to hv a least one. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Painful endometriosis?
    I have Endometriosis for 3 years.I have had surgery 6 times and every thing removed but ovaries.I had my left ovary removed Oct of 2007 along with a chocolate cyst.In Early 2008 i had another chocolate cyst on my right ovary that went away within 6 weeks and been on lortabs off and on for 5 years..I am on lortabs now and stay on the heating pad all day when iam not at work,,All the doctors i have had in the past year wont remove my last ovary and i don’t want it..This pain is bad i don’t even want to have sex and my soon to be hubby don’t understands and get mad and he makes me feel bad i just cant help it..Please help me find something to help the pain so i can return to normal?
    My doctor’s all of them said they want me to keep at least one ovary because of my age(31) I have one child i lost his twin when i was 5 mos that is way i was force to have Devin 3mos early..iam so depression i dont even want to leave my house always tired i can sleep until 3 in the afternoon..I drive a school bus for a living and the pain is worst when iam driving and i cant take my lortabs while at work and nothing else works…I just cry all the time and my heart breaks when my other half wants sex and i hurt so bad that i cant…i just lay in the bed..I have so many doctor’s that i havent been stilll that cyst and the pain has came back they just give me lortabs.

    • ANSWER:
      Find a new doctor! That’s the first step! If you’ve already had everything else removed, what is their reasoning for not taking out the other one when you’re in so much pain?
      I first found out I had endo. when I was 14. I had a hysterectomy when I was about 26 (I’m 31). My doctor didn’t want to do the surgery b/c I was so young, and only had one child. But I had just gotten a divorce, and there was no way I was going to just get pg. to make the doc feel better. Also, I didn’t (and still don’t) want anymore kids.
      I completely understand your lack of sex drive. Endo. takes away your energy for everything. It makes you sick–lots of ppl don’t understand that! I used to get a lot of flack when I had to call off work the first couple of days of my prd. That is, until I would force myself to go, and the mgmt. could see what I was going through.
      ‘Course, it’s different for you since you don’t have a prd anymore, but your man should be a little more understanding! You should find him a pamphlet about it. I used to carry some with me (I took ‘em from my doc. office), and give ‘em to ppl when they acted like I was crazy for crying when I started or whatever. A little education can go a long way!

      Sorry to be so lengthy! Hope this helped at least a little!

    What exactly is endometriosis?
    I have been reading about it online and all of what im reading is complicated.
    I basically need it simplified. Because from what I’m reading, I think I have it.

    This is what its described as “This disease process is also known as Endometriosis of the ovaries. Tiny implants of cells that line the uterine cavity become transplanted and form small cysts on the outside of the ovary. These cysts enlarge and produce Endometriosis of the ovary. They respond to hormone stimulation during the menstrual cycle and produce many small cysts, which may then occupy and even replace the normal ovarian tissue.

    These endometriomas are filled with a thick chocolate-type material, which is the reason they are known as “chocolate cysts”. When this type of ovarian cyst ruptures, the material spills over into the pelvis and onto the surface of the uterus, bladder and bowel and the corresponding spaces between. Adhesions can develop because of this rupture and may lead to pelvic pain.”

    I know this is simple already.. but im dense, i need it simple-er

    Can somebody please put it in layman’s terms for me? :)

    • ANSWER:
      Endometriosis is a problem affecting a woman’s uterus – the place where a baby grows when she’s pregnant. Endometriosis is when the kind of tissue that normally lines the uterus grows somewhere else. It can grow on the ovaries, behind the uterus or on the bowels or bladder. Rarely, it grows in other parts of the body.

      This “misplaced” tissue can cause pain, infertility and very heavy periods. The pain is usually in the abdomen, lower back or pelvic areas. Some women have no symptoms at all. Having trouble getting pregnant may be the first sign.

    Is it normal for Pull Out method to be this effective or could I be Infertile?
    The doctor said in November 2008 after getting an ultrasound on my ovaries that I have a small cyst on my left ovary the doctors conclusion: Endometriosis chocolate cyst. But they can not be 100% sure. Every month I have the most painful periods (lasting 4 days) that I have to take a LOT of painkillers consistently to get rid of the pain. For 2 years my boyfriend has used the pull out method and I never got pregnant. Could I be Infertile due to the Endometriosis scar tissue and cysts? I want to get pregnant this month but I am afraid perhaps one of my ovaries is not working.

    • ANSWER:

    caffine develops cyst in ovaries?
    so i went to the doctors last week cuz i have a terrible cold but also to ask my doctor about a extremely sharp pain i would get by my hip. at first i thought it might be my appendix (dont ask lol) but when i told him where he ask me if i ate chocolate, drank coffee or soda with caffine. i said yes to chocolate (i love it) and yes to coffeee i dont drink soda anymore of any kind. he said the #1 cause of cyst is caffine and its more common to develop at my age (i will be turning 18). i was shocked so i am forbidden to eat or drink anything with caffine. is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve had cysts on my ovaries and I’ve never heard of that before. Weird.
      My doctor told me my cysts were caused when the egg releases a little bubble of fluid gets trapped, then it either dissolves on it’s own or it bursts. It’s called a hemorhagic(sp?) cyst…but there are different types.

    I may be having endometriosis, help?
    I am 30 years old. I have been ttc for about two years now. About a week ago I went to visit my doctor to monitor my ovulation by sonogram, and he found a 5 cm cyst in my left ovary that he suspected to be an endometriosis (chocolate cyst), for it has a homogeneous echogenicity as he said. he suggested that if it does not regress by next cycle, I may be needing to undergo diagnosis by laparoscopy.
    I feel bad ever since then, because I read on the web that endometriosis can cause great problems in fertility. Was anyone ever diagnosed with endometriosis? How much will endometriosis lower my chances of having a baby ?

    • ANSWER:
      I understand what you are going through. Here is my story, I went to the doctor because out of nowhere my periods went haywire. (I too am ttc). They did an ultrasound and found a 3cm complex cyst that was also homogeneous. They took the wait and see route. So three months later I went back to the doctor and they found that the cyst had actually grown. They scheduled me for laprascopic surgery to drain the cyst, flush die through my tubes to see if they were blocked, and to confirm if I had endo or not. The surgery was scary, but in retrospect it wasn’t too bad. I was back on my feet in a week. They drained the cyst and were able to keep my ovary in tact. There is a 20% that they will have to remove the ovary during this surgery..freaked me out but I had no other choice. They found stage two endometriosis (very mild). My bowel had it all over it and my ovary was glued to my insides with it. They burned it all out. Luckily my tubes were open and undamaged. I am now on birth control for 3months to heal, and then my doc has NO reason to believe that I won’t be able to get pregnant fairly fast. So we’ll see. Endo is not an immediate ticket to infertility. There are 5 stages of it…1 being the least and 5 being very severe. So until they go in and look laprascopically, there is no way to know. If you doc recommends it you should do the surgery fairly quickly because the longer it goes unremoved, the worse it gets. The worst thing it can do is damage your tubes or cause so much scar tissue that they have to remove everything..the best is, barely any, they burn it out and you are fine in no time. Also, you can have a chocolate cyst and it NOT be from endo…so you don’t know if you 100% have it until they go in and look. Take care of yourself. Email me if you like, I am a expert on this stuff now.

    Ovarian cysts… need advice please?
    I had an ultrasound on 17 April which showed that my both ovaries are enlarged to around 68cm each. So this means I have around 4 cm cysts on each ovary. I was diagnosed with endometrioma cysts otherwised called chocolate cysts and have been told to undergo immediate surgery. Since I am only 23 and newly married, my doctor told me that she will do her best to leave at least 1/3 of my ovaries so that they can grow back to their normal size within a year. The ultrasound also showed that I have many maturing follicles and that means that I ovulate regularly which is true since I never miss periods and I have them each month, so my ovaries continue function even with the endometriomas. So I am going to have the surgery before the end of this week and I have been told that it will increase my chances of conception. Could you please share with your own experience, anyone was in the same situation? What was the outcome? DId you get pregnant? I will be having an open surgery, since it is belived to give a larger view and increase the percentage of removing all the scarring and cysts. I am also scared before the surgery, cause this is the first time I am going to have one. Will it hurt after I wake up? Also I am afraid of my cysts rupturing before the surgery. I know I have asked many questions but any good information would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      The doctors are pretty good at judging the maturity off cysts from the ultra sound. Don’t worry to much about them rupturing prior to surgery. If doctors were concerned about this issue they would have told you to get immediate surgery. The other questions, sorry, can’t help you with but good luck, newlywed

    Endometriosis: does anybody have any word of advice?
    Hi all,

    My name is Jess and I’m 20 years old. Since I was thirteen I’ve always experienced bad periods and it wasn’t till a few months ago that I decided I should look into it. I noticed that
    I experienced very spot on symptoms of endometriosis and the painful periods that come with it, so the doctor sent me
    to have a scan. I went to a sonographer who identified a 2cm cyst on my left ovary. He suggested that it was a dermoid cyst and that it’s not a big deal and to come back in 6 weeks. So 6 weeks passed and I came back and the cyst was still there and he said he was still unsure because it might be endo so he said to see a gyno. I went back to the doctor who suggested it might be a chocolate cyst. Anyways I am booked in to see a good gynocolagist in the city but I’m just stressing out due to my mother who has suffered with endo for so many years to the point where it really took the life out of her. She struggled for 8 years with having kids and while she did have children, the endo was so bad in the end that she had to have a hysterectomy. My cousin also died of ovarian cancer at 25. Just recently also I’m finding that I’m having bad bowel problems and still bad period pain. I am tender in the stomach at times and it hurts to have intercourse. I’ve never had bowel problems before but now I’m finding that I am either constipated or have diatribes and back pain. I also suffer bad mood swings and irregular bleeding and clotting at the time of my period.

    Can someone please offer their thoughts on this issue. I don’t know whether to treat this seriously or just relax a little. Just a bit on edge at the moment as it interferes with daily life and I’m over the doctors giving me different advice.

    I’m only 20 and I know endo is something that’s not that commonly spoken about. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Surgery for endometriosis and/or ovarian cysts?
    Went to my gyn yest. We’ve been following a complex ovarian cyst (chocolate). It has doubled in size in two months and is now 5 cm, though it doesn’t hurt. (I had a simple one rupture two months ago and the pain nearly killed me! That’s when he found this one.) I now have a smaller cyst on the other ovary, as well. I had a hysterectomy a year ago, if that matters.

    Somewhere (I’m really confused right now) endometriosis fell into the mix. So now he wants to do a lap and take both of my ovaries and the existing endo. Says the hormones from the ovaries feed the endo and if we remove the food source, then the endo won’t come back. His focus seems to be more on the endo rather than the cysts, but he says no hurry (six months).

    After taking my ovaries, he wants to put me on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). (I’m only 40.) That makes NO sense to me because isn’t the idea of getting rid of the ovaries to eliminate the hormones that feed the endo? I’m also afraid of HRT because of all the horror stories, but maybe today’s technology has changed all of that. Doc says most of that is hype from the “bio-identical” developers or whatever you call them.

    I’ve been with this doc for nine years and he has never pushed surgery or anything else. Even w/ the hysterectomy, he mentioned it as an option for years (due to pain), but always just said “when you’re ready”.

    Again, I am in no pain at this time and haven’t been since the rupture. However, if I actually need to do this, then I need to do it asap because of insurance. Otherwise I wouldn’t even think about it unless/until I started hurting.

    I think that covers it, but let me know if you need more info and I’ll edit. Thanks.

    Anyone have any experience and/or advice? Is there a physician on board?? :-)

    • ANSWER:
      I would really get a second opinion. Are there any endo centres near you or Doctors that specialize in Endo?

      A chocolate cyst is an endometrioma, which is Endometriosis – so that is where Endometriosis comes in.

      I read that the body can create a synthetic form of Estrogen which is the reason why women who have had a hysterectomy sometimes have the Endo return.

      As far as HRT goes, my Doctor said that the synthetic type is the one with the bad name as it can lead to other problems, but that “natural” type is not known to cause other problems.

      Also, when they put you on the HRT, I believe – you will have to check this, that the level of Estrogen is too low to affect Endo.

      Have you had kids yet?

      as for the cysts, did he call them simple or functional? Most women have functional cysts around the time of their cycle.

      I’m just a little confused though, you said that you had a hysterectomy a year ago? Did they leave both ovaries?

      Please try the websites below for factual info as I would hate to be offering you wrong info.

      Please get a second opinion and check the facts for yourself before you make a decision.

      Take Care, Cindy

    Anyone have any success stories with endometriosis?
    i have been trying to concieve for 12 months, i had a very early miscarriage in march and another 9 months later in december. Twice last year i had severe stomach cramps around the time of my period. The doctor put this down to just a bad period pain, but deep down i knew it was more and when i did my research the same thing kept cropping up, endometriosis.
    To cut a long story short, i insisted on having an ultrasound scan, i went last thursday for the scan and she said that my left ovary and womb looked fine but there was 2 tiny endometriomas (chocolate cysts) on my right ovary. So basically, they only confirmed what i knew all along.
    I won’t know how bad it is until i go for a laporoscopy.
    My question is, has anyone had any success stories after having surgery to remove the endo, and did you have miscarriages prior to surgery? I’m so scared that i will never have a successful pregnancy.

    • ANSWER:
      I had undiagnosed edometriosis for 12 years and last year they finally found that I have Stage 4 and told me that I cannot have children naturally. I did get pregnant naturally in October before I started fertility treatments but lost it early on. I decided not to wait for another miracle and started my first IVF treatment this month. I will find out on Tuesday the final result but an hpt says negative so I don’t think it worked.. Since it was only my first time I am still confident that it will work eventually…

      All of the doctors that I have seen are extremely optimistic that with fertility treatment ,even with the disease as advanced as it is, I can have as many babies as I want. I wish you luck and I believe that with advances today that we can have babies too.. Endometrosis can be an obstacle but it can be overcome.

    Partial Hesterectomy?? Endometriosis?
    I had an operation 2 weeks ago in which during the surgery they found that i had endometriosis and that is had damaged my left ovary. i had to get the ovary removed, i also had a big chocolate cyst removed. I was told i was very lucky to have concieved with my little boy, who is now 7 mnths old.

    I was just wondering if this will cause difficulty in the future for myself to have more children. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • ANSWER:

    Hi, during a visit to the gynecologist because of pain he did a scan and told me I had endometriosis and a chocolate cyst of approx 7cm. To cut a long story short, I had laparoscopy surgery Friday last week. I´m still feeling a little sore which is to be expected. During the laparoscopy the surgeon took away my chocolate cyst of 7cm by 5cm on the left ovary and found that my left Fallopian tube is block and was unable to save it. The doctors came to see me in the hospital saying I have stage 4 endo and I should take the contraceptive pill for three months and then try to conceive for the following 6 to 9 months.If nothing happened i would have to see a specialist for ivf. I know doctors have a lot of work but from her lack of explanation I feel I´m just another case, I have read on the Internet that you should try to conceive directly after the laparoscopy as endo has a strong possibility of growing back and as I only have one tube and ovary working I´m not sure if I should waste time on the pill for three months and run the risk of getting worse or if it is better to wait as mybe on the pill my good ovary could rest ( if thats what the pills for in my case) I´m 30 years old always wanted children and know it could take some time to conceive.I´m very upset and confused, does anyone have any advise?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello! Ok, I had lap and laser treatment on endo just yesterday! The reason you’re being told to go on the pill for a little while is because it’s a good way of regulating your cycles. I’ve had endo for years (I’m 27) and we’ve been ttc for 3 yrs. The tihng with endo is a real catch 22 – best cure is to get pregnant and it’s the one thing that is hard to do! Best of luck.. and masses of baby dust.x

    No period after laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis?
    I am 28 years old and had surgery for removal of endometriosis on 30th November. Both my ovaries had a large chocolate cyst each which was removed. Additionally, a corpus luteum cyst was also removed. I had bleeding for 7 – 8 days post surgery (which was more than spotting but much lighter than my normal period). I was due to get my period on December 8 but still have not got it and am worried. Could you tell me the possible reasons this could be happening (I am sure I cant be pregnant). Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same surgery in April 2008 (only mine was a double, I was also getting a tubal ligation reversal). A day after the surgery, while in hospital I ended up bleeding, a week early for my period (I am never that early). The following month I was about a week late for my period too. I think whenever you have surgery it messes with your body so it’s not too big a deal to be a week late, as long as it’s not several weeks or months and when your period does come it it not super heavy. If you are really worried about it though I would call your doctors office. They may just have you come in to make sure everything is okay.

    endometriosis and fertility?
    Hi, I first went to the gynecologist about 6 months ago. After looking on the Internet with all my symptoms I though I could have endo. The gynecologist did a scan and looked at me and said I have a chocolate cyst of approx 7cm. To cut a long story short, I had laparoscopy surgery Friday last week. I´m still feeling a little sore which is to be expected and need to have the stitches out this Friday. During the laparoscopy the surgeon took away my chocolate cyst of 7cm by 5cm on the left ovary and found that my left Fallopian tube is block and was unable to save it. One of doctors came to see me in the hospital one saying I have level 4 endo and I should take the contraceptive pill for three months and then try to conceive for the following 6 to 9 months.If nothing happened i would have to see a specialist for ivf. I have read on the Internet that you should try to conceive directly after the laparoscopy as endo has the possibility of growing back and as I only have one tube and ovary working I´m not sure if I should waste time on the pill or if it is better to wait? I´m 30 years old and know it could take some time to conceive. Does anyone have any advise?

    • ANSWER:

    Im a 28 years old female with pcos, i discovered i had pcos at age 11 as a child i ate lots of chocolate and a?
    Im a 28 years old female with pcos, i discovered i had pcos at age 11 as a child i ate lots of chocolate and a?
    im a 28 years old female with pcos, i discovered i had pcos at age 11 as a child i ate lots of chocolate and at the age of 11 i have tiny cysts on my ovaries. now i have a 3 year old son but i need you to help me with a healthy eating plan that can regulate my period and help me stop gaining weight, another important question is why am i gaining so much weight in my butt and breasts if i have high testosterone?

    • ANSWER:
      PCOS is no fun.
      I have it as well and the only thing that worked for me was weight watchers. You might try it. Also, if your PCOS presents with insulin resistance you might ask about wether metformin is right for you. Can make it easier to lose the weight since it helps with the insulin resistence.
      Then there is always weight loss surgery.

    im a 28 years old female with pcos, i discovered i had pcos at age 11 as a child i ate lots of chocolate and a?
    im a 28 years old female with pcos, i discovered i had pcos at age 11 as a child i ate lots of chocolate and at the age of 11 i have tiny cysts on my ovaries. now i have a 3 year old son but i need you to help me with a healthy eating plan that can regulate my period and help me stop gaining weight, another important question is why am i gaining so much weight in my butt and breasts if i have high testosterone?

    • ANSWER:
      The weight gain is caused by elevated insulin levels. Not all women with PCOS have high testosterone. And of course you still have estrogen too (which causes the girly fat) which guys have very little of.

      So then, you need to go on a “low glycemic index” diet (or low GI diet) to help reduce your insulin levels and prevent insulin spikes. This means avoiding foods that give a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. You can google this diet to find more info on what foods (basically certain carbs) that you need to avoid.

      You should also make sure your body gets a lot of “d chiro inositol” or DCI. This is a natural substance that helps to reduce insulin. Again you can find the level of DCI in foods on the web. My reco is hummus, because chick peas have a low GI and are rich in DCI.

      Eating lots of chocolate most likely did not give you PCOS by the way. You may have got in anyway.

    Am I pregnant? If I am how many weeks would I be?
    Well, I ritually take my BBT, check my cervix, and muscus everyday (Doctors orders). And I have to write down EVERYTHING I do (Exercise, Calories, any pain, bleeding, spotting)…… My OB/GYN has me take natural progestrone cream after I OV, so if im prego, It will help the pregnancy, and if not I will have a period.

    Anyhow, On July 14th, 2009 I had 2 chocolate cysts removed near my ovaries & a D&C. The cysts were making me hemmorage. I hemorraged for 1.5 months (until surgery). And I found out the cysts were caused from 100mg of Clomid (stupid fertility doctors). My OB/GYN had the lining of my uterus (which was thick) sent to the lab & the results were I DID NOT have Endometriosis. (((YAHOOO)))

    Anyhow, I typically have low BBT (due to my hypothyroidism), and my BBT after surgery went down to (96.40), and slowly came back up 2 weeks later (98.20). Well, I healed quickly from surgery, and my husband got ahold of me while I was ovulating (JULY 30, 2009). LMAO!!!!! And Well, a week later after OV, I started spotting light brown, then pink (total of 3 days), I felt fatigued, breasts sensitive, headache. And I had to see my OB/GYN (JULY 12th, 2009) for the follow-up from the surgery, we did a preg test, which was (-), and no pelvic exam. ***Was that too early to test??? And the symptoms continued (breasts sensitive, nipple area got darker, nausea on and off, constipation, and BBT 97.90 to 98.00*and it has stayed up continually like that). 6 days later on (JULY 18th, 2009) I had to see my PCP- for my monthly thyroid check. I took a urine preg test in the office, it read (-).
    Still no period…… Aug 29/30th, Sept 10th, I felt like a stretching sensation above my pubic bone. It feels hard above my pubic bone, (before and after peeing/pooping). I Have gained some weight (Im a size 15/16, but carry my weight really well). And I work out alot.

    Im wanting to know, based on the information, Am I pregnant? was the preg test a false negative? Could it have been to early to test?

    Just wondering cause last year in August 2008 I got pregnant, and ended in a miscarriage November 2008. So my husband and I want a child, but kinda gave up trying, cause we didnt want our hearts broken again.

    And I know that some women have low progesterone levels in pregnancy, (apparently, I was one of them last year), and that can affect the prego tests.

    Overall, I feel pregnant, and I have some symptoms, and the hardness is above my pubic bone, and still no period.

    • ANSWER:
      You should definately take a home pregnancy test. It will be accurate.

    am i able to?
    If I’m young–23 and started my period around age 12 and have always had (knock on wood that it will stay this way) regular periods on time always and have noticed when I ovulate by the egg white mucus, and am overall healthy (maybe a little stressed) should I get pregnant easily? My Mom never had fertility problems. My aunt (who doesnt have the same father as my mother) had chocolate cysts or something and had to have her reproductive system removed, and my cousin has cysts on her ovaries. Anyways, enough rambling. Am I able to get pregnant since my periods are alwatys regular, I’ve never been on birth control to mess up my hormones, and I know that I ovulate….? I know that even if I am able to get easily pregnant it doesnt mean my Lover will be able to since it depends on his own fertility, but I’m just asking for myself…thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you SHOULD be fine but the only way to know for sure if you’re ovulating is to have ultrasounds done at the doctor. If you do end up having fertility problems then you should both get checked out because it could be either one of you. Hopefully this isn’t the case for you!

    Can allergy meds cause a false negative hpt?
    Ok I alter allergy meds zyrtec and Claritin because I have horrible allergies. I am 8 days late for my period my periods are normally very regular. bd at time of ovulation. Elevated temps, sore boobs for over two weeks and getting worse, lots of white thick mucus sometimes clear tmi sorry, dull full feeling in ovary area, sometimes I feel a little sick but if I work on thinking on something else it will pass and I always feel hungry very rare for me.
    But yet I have taken two test one equate day of missed period one answer on Sunday. Tried my last answer today but the test was faulty. grr but I will get a first responce this weekend.

    My questions are
    1. Can allergy meds cause a false reading on a hpt? I was also on cough meds this month I had a BAD cough.
    2. If I have a ovary cyst is it normal to have normal periods and then all the sudden one month not have one show up?
    3. When should I test again? Do the first responce tests come with one or two test normally?
    I run a animal rescue and while its stressful its no more then normal nor has it ever done this to me. I have gained about a pound nomally I love chocolate but lately it sounds horrible. I do however find the need to eat this vegan pea soup I found at wild oats as much as possible. :)

    I wont be able to see the doctor till the end of this month my health insurance was dropped. :(

    • ANSWER:
      1. No, allergy meds do not cause false reading on HPT.

      2. Ovarian cyst can easily cause hormonal imbalance which can cause period to not show up for a month or more.

      3. If the tests are already negative, taking more tests won’t change that. If you want to still keep testing, go right ahead. Better to just wait to see a doctor end of the month if you are still concerned then.

      Good luck.

    Can anyone give me info..?
    I’m a 17 year old girl. I’ve had 2 cysts on both my ovaries since I was 14. It’s extremely painful during my period. I used to only be able to feel them during my period but now I feel them randomly throughout the day even when I’m not on my period. It hurts for the first couple minutes of intercourse (it now hurts a bit longer). I was reading online and I have the same symptoms as a “chocolate” cyst *forget the other name for it*. Does anyone know if it might be cancerous? or have any information about that? And also, I plan on having kids when I’m older. Would I still be able to have kids if I got them surgically removed? (I have one cyst on each ovarie)

    • ANSWER:

    Can anyone give me ANY info please..?
    I’m a 17 year old girl. I’ve had 2 cysts on both my ovaries since I was 14. It’s extremely painful during my period. I used to only be able to feel them during my period but now I feel them randomly throughout the day even when I’m not on my period. It hurts for the first couple minutes of intercourse (it now hurts a bit longer). I was reading online and I have the same symptoms as a “chocolate” cyst *forget the other name for it*. Does anyone know if it might be cancerous? or have any information about that? And also, I plan on having kids when I’m older. Would I still be able to have kids if I got them surgically removed? (I have one cyst on each ovarie)

    • ANSWER:
      the main reason for so called “chocolate” cyst is ENDOMETRIOSIS – you better treat it now to be able to have children in future – discover below

    Endometriosis. Can I become pregnant naturally?
    In October of 2006, I had a laporotomy on both ovaries to remove some large chocolate cysts. My obgyn told me I lost a lot of eggs in the process, but she managed to salvage both of my ovaries. I also took Lupron for 6 months after my surgery and felt great! I havnt had any pain problems, or any noticeable cysts since then, but have not been able to get pregnant.

    I heard your best chances of getting pregnant are usually within 2 years of surgery as eventually the endo starts growing back. Does this mean I am doomed or has anyone gotten pregnant after a similar situation???

    • ANSWER:
      Unless you have been told that you are medically sterile…then there is always the chance.

      My best friend was told @ age 14 that she would never be able to have children because of ovarian cysts and endometriosis….. and shes now 23 with 3 children all conceived naturally.

      You would most likely be a good candidate for doctor assisted reproduction … and would be put onto medications and possibly eligible for treatments such as IUI.

    hypothyroidism? Diabetes? Insulin Resistance? PCOS?? I just want some relief!!?
    I am 37. For a while now I have had the following symptoms and every doctor I’ve seen has told me everything is within normal ranges so nothing is wrong with me.
    - weight gain I can’t control
    - sensitivity to cold
    - puffiness in my face
    - cysts on my ovary
    - irregular periods
    - skin tags
    - anger and mood swings
    - hair loss on top of my head, hair growth on my chin and upper lip
    - frequent gas
    - always tired, lethargic and sleepy especially after eating any kind of carb even if I eat it with protein
    - after I eat a carb I get dizzy, light-headed, tired, yawning, irritable, unable to focus, blurry vision, excessive thirt and constant urination
    - achy joints and muscles
    - no libido
    - dry skin, dry hair yet really oily face and acne
    - brittle nails
    - tingling and always cold extremities
    - bouts of vertigo
    - increased infections- sinus, ear ,throat etc
    - waist bloating despite doing situps every day- look five months pregnant no matter what I weigh
    - difficulty sleeping sometimes
    - anxious and depressed one minute, quick to anger and screaming the next
    - pain in my ovary and in left breast
    - pain in my lower right abdomen that feels like intense gas buildup (no ovary there, had it removed due to cyst)
    - pain in my feet
    -unable to concentrate
    - loss of memory

    None of my doctors can tell me what’s wrong. The endo I tried to see yesterday told me it’s psychiatric. My Gyn says I don’t have PCOS because I am 5’2 1/2 and weigh 128 pounds (I used to weigh 108 only 12 years ago). I exercise every day, drink nothing but water, don’t eat sweets and barely eat any carbs at all. I’m tired of constantly feeling like I’m in a fog all day and especially after I eat. I’ve seen a GI doctor who reluctantly put me on Nexium and I take a daily probiotic. I’m also lactose intolerant.
    I’m so frustrated and tired of getting nowhere with these doctors. Do I have hypothyroidism and some form of insulin resistance/diabetes/hypoglycemia/PCOS…and if so how do I treat it? What do I eat to make this all go away? How can I lose these 20 pounds even though I’m already exercising and eating right? I want to be able to eat a piece of chocolate and not feel like I’m going to pass out and pee my brains out 20 minutes later! I’m tired of always being the cold one, or the one who can’t eat anything or drink alcohol because it makes me sick. People don’t like me anymore because of all of these medical problems! Please help!
    I also forgot
    - always dry, irritated, itchy eyes
    - constant thirst and feeling of dry mouth
    Been with the same primary doctor for 12 years, since all of this started! He can’t give me any answers so he keeps sending me to other doctors who also can’t seem to give me answers (yet never seem to actually run any tests).

    • ANSWER:
      Wow!! I so feel your frustration! But here you go! Oh…and I know exactly why you have turned to the internet, because these combined are difficult for a family practioner to diagnose, and there is little research.

      You first should know you are not a hypochondriac and these symptoms are not in your head even though there are so many!!

      I have Hypothyroid, PCOS and Insulin Resistance and it has taken years to finally put this puzzle together. I started out with PCOS when I was in my early 20′s, with PCOS comes Insulin Resistance (these are connected). And diagnosed with Hypothryoidism after my son was born. Below I catagorized to my best knowledge and experience to what is causing your symptoms. I’m sure you are already aware but this is to also reasure you that I have experienced MAJORITY if not all of these same symptoms.

      Now to get you situated…
      See an Endocrinologist. Explain to him/her that you feel you have the one of the three if not all.

      Testing & signs & symptoms…
      Hypothyroid- my doc feels my thyroid, listens to my sysmptoms and uses my labs (TSH etc.) to determine my dosage. A previous doc only went by labs.
      PCOS-Enlarged ovaries, multiple small cysts on ovaries, irregular cycles, less than 8 menstrual cycles per year, more that usuall on face arms etc., lower abdominal cramping, sore breasts (throughout cycle, not just PMS).
      Insulin Resistance-Fasting glucose test, belly fat, dark patches, dry dark knuckles. Dry patches of skin.

      Loosing weight…
      I lost weight by cutting out all breads (white and wheat), pastas, rice, potatoes and tortillas. NOTHING ELSE WORKED. The Treadmill is very important not only to help with the weight but to regulate the hormones, this reduces irritability.

      weight gain I can’t control (all)
      sensitivity to cold
      puffiness in my face
      skin tags
      anger and mood swings (hormones and pos. low blood sugar)
      hair loss on top of my head
      no libido (all)
      tingling and always cold extremities
      bouts of vertigo (could also be low blood sugar)
      increased infections- sinus, ear ,throat etc (hypothyroid is an autoimmune disease)
      difficulty sleeping sometimes (I would stay up until 3am sometimes, this throws the docs off as they correlate this with hyoerthyroid)
      anxious and depressed one minute, quick to anger and screaming the next
      unable to concentrate
      loss of memory

      cysts on my ovary
      irregular periods
      pain in my ovary and in left breast
      dry skin, dry hair yet really oily face and acne
      hair growth on my chin and upper lip
      cysts on my ovary
      irregular periods

      waist bloating despite doing situps every day- look five months pregnant no matter what I weigh
      brittle nails
      after I eat a carb I get dizzy, light-headed, tired, yawning, irritable, unable to focus, blurry vision, excessive thirt and constant urination
      achy joints and muscles
      always tired, lethargic and sleepy especially after eating any kind of carb even if I eat it with protein
      frequent gas

      I hope this helps!! And I hope you can find a good doctor to help you get this situated!!

    I am SO hungry all the time!! Why is this?! :(?
    In the last week or so I have just been so hungry!! Especially in the evenings. I know i’ve eaten dinner, and i’ll drink lots of water…ignore it for a while but then I’m still really really hungry. So then I think well if im hungry I should just eat, and then the same thing just goes on all day really! Like, I had dinner. Then had seconds an hour n half later, then made a sandwich an hour after that. Plus had a few chocolates inbetween. Then made a hot chocolate. I probably last ate about an hour and a half ago, and I’m starving again.

    It’s fustrating because I don’t want to put on weight! But it’s not nice to be so hungry all the time!

    I’m definitely not pregnant, I have been told I have a totally harmless cyst on my right ovary. I don’t know if these have been known to have any affect on appetite?

    • ANSWER:
      As girls, we get very weird appetites. Trust me it’s something that will pass. It always happens to me because I usually have a terrible appetite even though I eat very healthy. I get major cravings of brownies and ice cream all the time- and sometimes I just crave eating ANYTHING.

      Fight the urges. Don’t eat when you get these hungry moments, even if you try to eat something small or healthy. If you keep eating fruits every time you’re hungry.. I mean fruits have calories in them too you know. You have to train your body to shut itself up when you get weird cravings.

      Once a week or once every two days is alright for cravings, there’s room for them. But if you feel like you want to be eating something every 10 minutes, then you need to fight your urges. How I see it when I have to fight urges is I test how much self control I have. If you see a piece of chocolate, don’t pick it up.
      What I do when I get cravings (which is mostly when I’m watching a movie and I know i shouldn’t reach for the popcorn), while watching the movie I peel a pomegranate and get all the edible parts in a bowl (that takes about over half of the movie most of the time), and one by one eat the pieces. That tricks my body into thinking it’s a snack and eats it while not snacking up so many calories.

      Over time, you’re gonna get over these cravings- and then they’re gonna come back. The awesome part of being a woman -_-
      All I can say is don’t eat every time you get a craving, even if you reach for something healthy. Not every time you get a craving.
      If you need any help with this, contact me off my profile I’d be more than glad to help.

      Good luck!

    My cycle is about to come again?
    Ok I am 16 and my cycle is gonna start up again I need some advice please.
    What can I make thats fast,easy and with stuff I should have around my house?
    I love pasta and when i’m on my cycle thats all I really want to eat. And chocolate I could kill for chocolate but I don’t want to eat chocolate because I’m trying to get my acne to clear up so how do I satisify my craving without chocolate.
    So does anyone have any good and fast food I can make? I am home alone all day so I have to cook for myself. And I have cysts on my left ovary how can I control the pain? Neproxen,mortin and midol doesn’t work. Please Help I know I didn’t word everything right.

    • ANSWER:
      try chocolate milkshakes, or make a chocolate slice. they arent as bad for your acne and still taste so good. or else you could get some oven bake chips and cook them, chip sandwiches are also the best lol.

      as for the pain, im not sure what would work best. you can get special painkillers for period pain, i wonder if they would work for cysts? or try the special back pain painkillers, they might work too. nurofen is always good

    Need Help Women Only Please!!!!!?
    I have had this chocolatety discharge lately. I don’t know what it is. I am hoping someone out there can tell me what it is. The discharge ranges from a light brown color to a chocolate color. It’s mostly chocolate. I am a 24 year old woman who has always had problems with my period and I also had a cyst on one of my ovaries. I don’t know if this is a result of that or not. I know it’s not an std because this has gone on for years even before I became sexually active. My husband and I are also in a monogamous marriage so I know it’s not an std.

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes women don’t get rid of all the blood produced by their period and sometimes it comes out at the most inopportune moments. The reason it is brown is because it is old blood though. But definitely talk to your doctor about it.