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Help.yeast infection?(girls individual plz)?
im 13 and i have my period and adjectives that but on my last period it one and only lasted for 3 days and the day after it terminated i got like liquidy stuff that be like faded red but there be only a little bit and ive be getting lots of…

Help? clamidia, yeast infection.?
ok, first off i will be going to the doctor this week, i just wanna see if anyone can point me into a direction as to what might be wrong.. ok so recenlty after sex it become painful to urinate and felt resembling i had to when i didn’t, itching, different discharge,…

Help? I don’t know if I hold a yeast infection?
Hi i think I have a yeast infection but idk? Like it will find really itchy down there and then after I pee (this is kinda gross) it hurts when I wipe? It doesn’t hurt when I pee though. And the discharge have a really strong…

Help? Yeast infection or BV quiz?
Okay okay, a few months ago it started to itch down there so my mom and I went to the doctor and we told him my symptoms. He said it be a yeast infection. He prescribed cream. Didn’t work. He tried Dulfican. Didn’t work. At that point and before I…

Help? (yeast infection)?
i think i have a yeast infection-will cystex oblige since its kinda fer the same thing (uti) or wud it label my situation worse? what r things i can 2 at home 2 make it go away? relieve me plz?! Go to click on ailments and then yeast infection. There are inventory…

Helppp my friend is startled she have yeast infection! =(?
my friend thinks she has an yeast infection but i dont regard as she does. she never had sex but she’s masturbated before. she said lately she’s be having clear guey stuff in her underwear and once she said within was some yellow/brown stuff but mostly…

Hepl i only just read a a interrogate that said do i enjoy yeast infection do i?
i mean i itch ther and i have sickly whiteish discharge Yes it sounds like u do but its nought bad every1 gets them from time 2 time going away it will just make it worse for ure…
Herpes or yeast infection?
last time i sleeped with anyone be last october and i notced lil white bumps on the botom of my penis it doesnt hurt never had anything comig out my penis or dull pain or puss or a scab resulted and now i have one totally very liltle bump the color…

4 yrs ago i had an infection! i think it be a yeast infection but i dont remember the itchiness like that! i had blisters and swelling! but after i get treated for it at the hospital it went away in a couple of days! my doctor told me it looked close…

HERPES or yeast infection?
About two weeks ago my labia were red and very vastly itchy, but with no bumps or blisters or anything.. then i get my period for three days and the symptoms completely disappeared in this time. consequently a day after my period done i developed a rash between my anus and vagina,…

Herpes or yeast infection?
for about two weeks now my labia enjoy been red and itchy and irritated.. and bled a tiny bit although there is NO blisters. no other symptoms though, no flu symptoms.. i have sex with a new partner and the condom broke going on for 2 weeks ebfore the symptoms started. i…

Herpes or yeast infection?
i asked yahoo earlier whether or not i had a yeast infection and they answered that i did. my symptoms are itching, and cottage cheese close to discharge, but like its watery sometimes or have very little flecks of white “cottage cheese stuff” in it. Then i get this one little white…

Herpes or Yeast infection?
I had unprotected sex with a woman I’ve be seeing for a year and two days later developed an itchy ,red area of skin the size of a pinky finger fingernail on the side of my penis. Also a single bump on the rim of the pave the way. Neither hurt…

Herpes or yeast infection?
It could possibly be a herpes outbreak, I’ve had herpes for over 8 months but only have one out break. Last time I ended up waiting so long to go to the doctor it give me a yeast infection. Starting last night I get a serious case of burning and itching…

Herpes press? OR Yeast infection cross-question. you make clear to me. ?
I think i might have herpes.. I’m not sure. I’ve be having sex with alike women for 2 years or so. I know shes been faithful to me. I slept beside one other person when we were have problems. Once i got back near…

Herpes Vs. Yeast Infection?
I believed myself to have herpes about a month ago when some of the symptoms fit those of the virus. Itching, burning, irritation, tiny bumps, a cut (I do shave down in attendance and am sometimes bad at it), and discharge. I don’t recall a distinct smell. However, I a short…

Herpes, yeast infection or chemically burned myself?
okay this may sound crazy but i am in sooo much discomfort. going on for 6 weeks ago i fooled around with this guy who fingered me. he touched himself and then fingered me. when i get home that night, i put rubbing alcohol in…

Herpes, Yeast Infection, STD, Dehydration of Penis?
Four months ago i had unprotected vaginal sex for 10 seconds. I get painful urination 10 days later as powerfully as found out I had a swollen testicle (got tested for gonorhea and chlamydia= both negative). I started to have an itchy penis roughly speaking 3 months later (but…

Herpes/yeast infection?
is herpes accompanied by a strong odor as well as gooey discharge? or does this sound more like a severe yeast infection? i have/had itchy bumps, they really only lasted more or less two days, now it’s mainly inflammation. that’s why i’m asking if herpes is associated next to strong odor and…

Herpes? yeast infection? lend a hand please!?
In the past year I’ve had this perchance 4 times.. I get 1 small bump on the inside of my vagina. It looks like there’s no manager to it I can’t even see it. I can only tell its near by feeling the little bump. It doesn’t hurt or…

Hey Girls, Period Question. PLEASE HELP. Is it spotting or yeast infection?
So im 12 and never had sex or my period. Ive have boob growth for a while now, hair everywhere, and today i notice ALOT of discharge and a like 5 little dots of brown/red stuff. What is it? Yeah, a lot of…

Hi doctors I have need of minister to beside a yeast infection. Well I ruminate.?
I just got my tonsils out and I enjoy been on a lot of medication. And very soon I’m itchy and cottage cheesy. Does it sound like a yeast infection? I don’t want to travel to the doctor because that would…

Frequently Asked Questions

    I just got a urinary tract infection. Can Uristat and Cystex be taken and tolerated at the same time?
    I’ve taken Uristat with success in the past until I was able to get to the doctor. But it made me a little nauseous. According to the package insert, Cystex may affect the stomach. Can I take both Cystex and Uristat at the same time and tolerate it okay? Also, does Cystex even work? When I read other message boards, it seems that it doesn’t.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t recommend taking both til talking to your pharmacist and doctor as well to see what they say.

    people who have taken Cystex for bladder infections?
    Does it work? Like can cystex cure a very mild bladder infection without going to the doctors?

    • ANSWER:
      no, you need things like amoxicillin for this. do not try to use a home remedy for infections, it can badly hurt you. a bladder infection is pretty serious, this is because it can easily become a kidney infection, or urethritis. it can cause extensive damage as well as cause septicemia (a large full-body infection of the blood).

    does Cystex® work for urinary tract infection and what can help a urinary tract infection fast?
    ok see my girl has a urinary tract infection but she cant go to the d.r and i hate seeing her in pain (she is crying in the bathroom and she won’t leave the bathroom) please help
    oh and ps can i Get IT?? FROM HER?? if so how?

    • ANSWER:
      i don’t think so

    Is Cystex safe during very early pregnancy?
    My husband and I are trying to conceive, and I am prone to UTIs. I have one now, and I usually use Cystex, but I don’t want to take anything that could cause harm if we end up pregnant this month.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a UTI you need an antibiotic to cure it. Cystex is not an antibiotic. It’s an antibacterial agent, and pain reliever, but it will not cure your infection. There are anitibiotics, such as Macrobid, that are completely safe to take during pregnancy. It’s much safer to get a prescribed-for-pregnancy antibiotic than to continue taking something that hasn’t been tested on pregnant women, and only meant to be taken until you can get in to see a doctor.

    How many cystex tablets for urinary tract infection do i take?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to ask the pharmacist about that. Read the instructions with your medication and take it according to those instructions.

    Can I take Cystex and continue breastfeeding?
    I have a call into the dr. but they don’t call back until later in the day. Has anyone gotten the ok to take Cystex for a UTI while they were breastfeeding?
    I wanted to add that my OB put me on Macrobid for the UTI but it hasn’t completely cleared up all the symptoms. This is why I would like to know whether I can take the Cystex in the meantime.

    • ANSWER:
      Category C is a measure of a drugs safety during pregnancy, and has nothing to do with lactation. Drugs that readily cross the placenta are not the same as drugs that appear in high levels in breastmilk.

      Safety during breastfeeding is listed as L1-L5 with L1 being safest.

      Sodium salicylate is a salicylate and should be used with caution in breastfeeding moms because of the association with Reye’s Syndrome -but the risk is very small. But I can’t find any actual info on it. Methenamine appears to be safe.

      AZO also looks like a poor choice.

      Anyway I have to go,but your best bet is to cal motherisk they have the most up to date info, use a 10-10 plan and it won’t cost more than a couple of dollars: (416) 813-6780

      I will look more when I get back but that’s going to be hours from now.

      Summary of Use during Lactation:
      Both the hippurate and mandelate salts of methenamine pass into milk in small quantities and appear acceptable to use, even while nursing a newborn.

    Has anyone ever taken Cystex pills for bladder infection? ?
    If so, how can I get them? OTC or do I have to have a prescription. what else works for bladder infections? I get a lot of recurring bladder infections and am trying to find a way to not have to go to the doctor all the time.

    • ANSWER:
      You need antibiotics to get rid of the infection.things like Cystex only calm the symptoms down.

    I know I have a UTI. Should I use Cystex or go to the ER?
    I have no health Insurance.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you in alot of pain?

      If you’re not, then you can use Cranberry Juice. Drink lots of Cranberry Juice(the actual juice, not the cocktail). If you can’t drink cranberry juice, then you can buy Cranberry capsules.
      It should clear the problem up in a few days.

      If you find the infection getting worse, or if you are in alot of pain, you should see the doctor to get a prescription for an antibiotic.

      Hope you feel better soon.

    Does Cystex affect birth control pills?
    My fianceé has frequent UTI’s and she’s taking Cystex.

    My question is if Cystex nullifies in any way the birth control pills she’s using.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s possible based on some research I just did on the medication but I would recommend that she check with her pharmacist and doctor to see what they say as well.

    Can you take Pepto Bismol with Cystex?
    Well, I just started taking Cystex for a Urinary Tract Infection, but I also have Diarrhea, so could I take Pepto Bismol and Cystex?

    • ANSWER:
      u shud be able to

    Can you take amoxicillin with cystex please i really need to know now?

    • ANSWER:
      According to a quick search they have no interactions.

    Is cystex alright to take while pregnant?
    ok im pregnant but my parents dont know..i dont plan on telling them for at least a few more weeks(ill be showing then). i havea UTI and my mom got me cystex…should i take them or not? people have told me to ask my doc but i was told i would need perental consent for that kind of thing so i dont see that as an opption…..

    • ANSWER:
      You should have an OB right now that is handling your prenatal care. Call them to ask. You should only be taking that to get relief until you get antibiotics from your doctor anyways. Make sure that the doctor knows that you are pregnant. Just go to see a doctor. Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins every day. Just tell your mom that you are pregnant.

    Can Cystex affect pregnancy test?
    I had a Urinary tract infection a few weeks ago and took the medicine Cystex to cure it. I miss my period for 2 weeks now and i just took a pregnancy (only 1 so far) showing positive for pregnant. The reason i’m asking because i’ve had UTI problems before and the Cystex medicine i took in the past caused me to miss my period once before too. I will take another pregnancy test later when i get a chance, but the uncertainty and waiting is making me distracted and can’t concentrate.

    Can anyone give me their opinions please?
    Thank you so much.

    • ANSWER:

    Can I give my cat Cystex?
    I took her to the vet… later she gave her antibiotics to take which she couldn’t keep down for a UTI. I once had a wonderful vet who offered suggestions of OTC meds for my cat but she is no longer practicing. Any suggestions? I found Cystex when I went on a search for OTC’s but can’t find any info online really

    • ANSWER:
      Call your vet back and tell them that your cat is vomiting the antibiotic. They will prescribe another medication.
      I don’t know what Cystex is. Right now your cat needs the antibiotics to get rid of the infection. I doubt cystex will do that. Cystex may be to help maintain urinary tract health when not in a UTI crisis.

    can you take amoxicillin with cystex please i really need to know now?
    is it safe?
    Im in pain so please asap

    • ANSWER:

    Can I take cystex or azo pregnant?

    • ANSWER:

    has anyone treated their cat’s urinary tract infection with Cystex?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Scott… One of Cystex’s active ingredients, Sodium Salicylate, causes liver toxicity in cats and thus can be fatal if given. Cats have metabolic differences that make many common drugs very dangerous to them, some lethal. UTI’s typically prescribed antibiotic dosages based on the cat’s age, weight, overall health and severity of the infection. If you suspect your cat has a urinary tract infection, please consider having a medical professional evaluate and treat respectively. It’s much better than the alternative which can be devastating if you suddenly need to rush him/her to a vet after ingesting medications intended for human that’s life-ending.

      List of dangerous drugs to cats:

    Do cystex clean your system from weed?

    • ANSWER:

    where to buy cystex in canada?
    the drinkable kind where do you buy it in canada
    is there any store you where you by it

    • ANSWER:
      I am Canadian . Did you ask your pharmacist ? He should know

    Cystex for a UTI?????????
    My cousin just bought me Cystex today. Because i’m more then positive I have a UTI & she says that it’s suppose to help.

    I’m only 15. Soooo is Cystex dangerous to use? Will it take away my UTI if i take it, and drink creanberry juice?

    Also it says i am suppose to take 2 pills, 3 times a day, which is 6 a day. Is that too much?

    • ANSWER:

    does cystex work?

    • ANSWER:

    Is there a pill to prevent yeast infections?
    Is there a vitamin or pill like “cystex cranberry” I can take to prevent vaginal yeast infections? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Have a yogurt every couple of days.

    Cystex or Uristat?
    It appears that interstitial cystitis is going to be a part of my life so I’d like to get opinions on the best pain reliever. Azo is O.U.T. Didn’t do squat for me. I’ve used Uristat in the past but just heard about Cystex.

    Has anyone tried that product? Did it offer decent pain relief? Is Uristat a better choice for any reason?

    FWIW, I don’t wear contacts so discoloration isn’t an issue. IC is like a UTI symptom-wise but there is no infection. I tend to have symptoms around my period although not always bad enough to warrant needing pain meds.

    • ANSWER:
      Pray tell me have you tried taking two capsules of evening primrose oil a day? I take this prescribed by my Consultant:

      For my Arthritis, Psoriasis and I found it exceptional for my PMS and regulating my periods. Therefore I strongly suggest you try it but you have to be it everyday for at least six months before you know if it is working. Best of Luck

    can guys take cystex? and does that really work on females and males?
    Okay so I obviously have urinary track infection,
    it sucks I hate it but anyway let me get to the main quetion,
    I heard cystex was great! that it gets rid of it, and also cranberry juice?
    is that true??
    and I also want to know if guys with urinary track infection can take cystex and actually work on them?? my boyfriend obviously has it now too:/
    and don’t go making fun or talking smack if you don’t know why I got it, that infection isn’t only sexually transmitted and a 5 or 7 year old can get it too and yess I shower everyday thanks very much but I would like a serious answer thankyou((:

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know anything about cystex, but I know from my brother and my second cousin who both had urinary tract infections that cranberry juice can get rid of it. But I would assume that cystex would work on both genders. I wouldn’t suggest sharing the meds though, because what is the right dosage for one person might not be the right dosage for another.

    can sulfameth/trimethoprim be used along with cystex which i have used for 1 day hurt me.?

    • ANSWER:
      NO. If some one take – with great caution. Intake of excessive fluids is necessary. Cystex has Drug Interactions with Sulfonamides (sulphamethoxazole).
      Formaldehyde and some sulfonamides (e.g., sulfamethizole, sulfathiazole form an insoluble precipitate in acid urine; therefore, methenamine salts should not be administered concomitantly with sulfonamides.

      Cystex or Methenamine is a synthetic urinary antibacterial agent that is chemically unrelated to other currently available anti-infectives.

      Dosage for geriatric patients for Cystex & sulfameth/trimethoprim should be selected cautiously,

    Cystex for Marijuana UA results?
    Has anyone tried to clean their system using the Cranberry Cystex Liquid Complex? I’m 5’2″ 145lbs. I took a drug test which came back with 38 nano grams of THC, & I smoked 2 bowls like 30 minutes afters the drug test. If you have tried to use Cystex any tips? & I will be taking the UA that shows up instantly testing for THC, Cocaine, Opiates, & Meth. & unless it shows up positive will not be sent off to a lab for further testing. Also, if I put a couple drops of Visine in the sample would it come up negative?

    • ANSWER:
      No, no, and no.
      I don’t do drugs so I haven’t tried any of the internet rumors of how to beat the test. However, diluting your urine will also dilute some of the metabolites that they measure to make sure you didn’t try diluting the sample and you will just have to go back again.
      Dripping Visine in the sample does not work. Plus you may notice a mirror in the room. Especially if you already failed a test, somebody will probably watch you when you give the sample. Closely. Do not drink it as some of the internet sources say: Visine can put you in a coma if consumed!
      For a good source of internet myths on beating drug tests and more products to waste your money on, go to:
      Oh! But I should mention, toxicology labs have read them all (Not because any of them actually work, but because we get a good laugh at the stupid notions of pot heads)

    Do cranberry pills or Cystex cause your pee to turn pink/orange?
    I get frequent UTIs, so I have a regular routine of what I take when I feel one coming on. However, this time I didn’t know I had one until I went to the bathroom, so I rushed home and took about 5 Cranberry pills, 3 Cystex, and 1 levaquin 500 mg. After taking all of these, it didnt feel uncomfortable anymore, but the next time I went to the bathroom, my pee was orange/pink. Could it just be from the medicine I took, or could something else be wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      Cystex will not change the color of the urine, see link below –

      Cystex is a great to take in conjunction with antibiotics, because the medicine can help ease the pain of the infection. Just remember, UTIs require antibiotic treatment, so see your doctor right away if you suspect an infection.

    Are there other antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections besides Ciproflaxin?
    I’d like to know before I waste two hours at the doctor’s office again. I have steadily been growing worse with my infection on my doctor’s antibiotic, even worse than with Cystex. Is there another antibiotic my doctor can prescribe me or is this all I have and I just have to deal with it?
    It’s growing more intense and faster.

    • ANSWER:
      Cipro is a very good antibiotic but it uses something like a “shot gun”, in other words it goes after a lot of different kinds of “bugs’. If your doctor does a culture test of your urine it will come back recommeding specific ABs that will zero in on the exact organism that is causing your problem. He may have already done this and gave you the Cipro first hoping it would clear up the problem (it very often does) and he would not have to resort to the infection specific AB. Give him a call and see what he says.

    Can I take Cipro (UTI Anti-Biotics) with Cystex (UTI Pain Relief)?
    I just took Cipro (For UTI) and what I want to know is can I also take Cystex (UTI Pain Relief) at the same time? The pharmacist said I could, but I looked on the booklet that came with my medication and it stated I should take Cipro 2 hours before or 6 hours after before taking any medication containing magnesium, aluminum, and etc.

    On Cystex box, the inactive ingredients contain magnesium stearate. I was wonder if that’s the same thing. If so, then probably I can’t take Cystex with Cipro.

    Does anybody know?

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      if the pharmacist says it’s okay, then it probably is. it sounds like those medicines were made to be taken together, anyway!

      if you are worried, you can call a 24-hour pharmacy and ask the pharmacist over the phone.

    Which is Better Cystex or Azo?
    I have a Uniary Tract Infection and my doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week…..which medicine works the best? until I can make it to the doctor

    • ANSWER:
      Azo is the stuff that turns your urine bright orange. The active ingredient is phenazopyradine. It is really good for bladder pain; I know that from personal experience.

      Cystex has methenamine in it, which may have some antiseptic properties. It also has a salicylate pain reliever which is related to aspirin.

      If it were me, I would take the Azo and a lot of cranberry juice. There is something in cranberry juice that keeps the bacteria from adhering to your bladder. The last time I had a bladder infection, I was too busy to see a doctor and it went away with cranberry juice alone!

    What should I do to get rid of a UTI? Dont have insurance, please HELP!! it hurts?
    Ok, Im an international student and Im going to Mexico (home) this Friday, I have a UTI since 3 days… i cant go to the doctor because I dont have insurance here, can I take AZO or Cystex and wait til next Saturday to get the antibiiotics??? Please help what can I do, it smells funny, it hurts when I pee and I saw some blood.

    • ANSWER:
      UTIs are not something to mess around with. If you let it go that long without treatment, it could spread to your kidneys and cause infection there. Then you will really be sick. Those over-the-counter methods will only give you temporary relief and no cure. Do you have family or friends who can loan you money for a doctor’s visit? I wouldn’t risk it just because you don’t have health insurance. You being healthy is way more important. Get to a doctor right now.

      It’s simple to prevent UTIs in the future. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and also drink 100% cranberry juice (with no sugar in it) as often as you can. This keeps bacteria out of the bladder and urinary tract.

    Should I go to the doctor for a UTI?
    I’ve had a UTI for 3 days and I’ve been drinking water and cranberry juice and taking cystex but it doesnt seem to be getting much better. The pain comes and goes but its very uncomfortable. Should I go see a doctor or try to wait it out?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you should. They will just have you pee in a cup, so they can test your urine, then they will prescribe you antibiotics.
      Drinking water and cranberry juice isn’t going to get rid of it. You need antibiotics to get rid of it completely.
      If you leave it for long enough it will travel to your kidneys.

    I have constant ringing in my ears and i cant hear very well! How long will this last?
    I have been taking Cystex for the last 2 or 3 days only 2 pills every 6 hours as the box says, now today my ears are ringing and i can barely hear. I read on the box that it can cause this. So i stopped taking it. I am still the same, no change, how long will this last? should i be concerned? should i see a doctor now? (P.S. doctors kind of scare me)

    • ANSWER:

    do you have to go to the doctor for UTI?
    I’m pretty sure I have UTI or a bladder infection, is it really necessary to go to the doctors? or can i treat it by drinking cranberry juice and taking the cystex medicine? and how long does it take before the pain starts to go away?

    • ANSWER:
      Since you don’t know for sure if you have a urinary tract infection (UTI) or a bladder infection then the proper way to get a accurate diagnosis is to go to the doctor. You will have to go on antibiotics or other treatment to thoroughly get rid of the infection. The cranberry juice and cystex only masks the symptoms and doesn’t get rid of the infection so Yes you need to go to the doctor.

    are there any home remedies or over the counter medicines that treat a UTI without presciption??
    im in an early stage. two days?? im gonna try cystex. any other suggestions

    • ANSWER:
      cranberry pills or juice….

      Drink ONLY water besides the cranberry juice

    What’s better, methenamine or ciprofloxacin? Can I take both?
    I have Cystex which has methenamine and a pain reliever.. so i’m wondering
    How would that make me need that? o.O

    • ANSWER:
      Part of the answer depends on your demographics as certain regions in the US e. Coli has significant resistance to Cipro, assuming you are treating Cystitis or UTI. I would not recommend combining these two medications especially if you have a history of gout, renal insufficiency, pregnant, etc. If you need a secondary medication, I would recommend Pyridium + Cipro for symptom relief. Outside of Cipro resistance, I would suggest Keflex is the best medication to treat UTI symptoms.

    can i wait a week to treat a UTI?
    i took cystex which helps with symptoms.. i started seeing symptoms tuesday.. my urination isnt painful/blood but i just have to frequently and have major naseau. i can’t get meds untill sunday/monday.. also will my college health center be able to give me antibiotics?

    • ANSWER:

    UTI and cant go to the doctor?
    im almost positive i have a UTI because going to the bathroom has never been so painful, when i do pee [seems like every ten minutes] there is almost nothing, and then i see spots of blood, so im pretty sure its a UTI, and as of now i bought cystex
    which is just a pill to help the pain and control the infection, but can this help prevent me from seeing the doctor?
    and how long after you smoke does it remain in your body?

    • ANSWER:
      Cranberry juice works wonders for UTI, when u say smoke I assume you mean marijuana, it depends on how much & how often u smoke. If u are a regular smoker then it takes about 30 days. If u only smoke like a joint every once in a while cranberry juice & water, or apple cidar vinegar will clean u out fast. I smoke heavily & can clean my system in 24 hours by drinking cranberry juice & water all day 2 days b4 test.

    Need advice about symptoms of a UTI?
    I have a UTI before and I got the symptoms this morning and I took cystex. I have a doctors appointment at 12:30 to check it out. I am no longer having the symptoms because I think of the cystex, should I go to the doctors anyways??

    • ANSWER:
      Yes! You should go ahead and go! If you do have one go get some antibiotics and knock it out! Because those things get painful! If its not one, oh well, better safe than sorry!!!

    methenamine and bactrim interaction?
    what kind of interaction do these drugs have? i was prescribed bactrim for a uti and took a cystex with it for the pain. then saw on the bactrim directions that a severe reaction may occur if taken together. should i be gravely concerned?

    • ANSWER:
      Methenamine is usually available as a salt of an acid that promotes an acid urine.

      I really do not like this drug. Its mechanism of action goes back to its chemistry, which chemically reacts with water in an acid environment to produce formaldehyde.

      Since the stomach is usually acidic, enteric coated tablets help prevent the formation of formadehyde in the stomach.

      The acidic environment of formed urine allows the formadehyde to be localize to the urinary track, but keep in mind that formaledhyde chemically reacts with dna bases to cause point mutations. My own opinion is that it increases the risk of cancer of the bladder and kidney cancer, but that is not listed in the literature.

      Now as the the question of drug interaction with bactrim.

      Formaldehyde is highly chemically reactive with amino groups, I don’t really think it would make much of a dent in the sulfa concentrations in the urine. The literature reference I have (Lipton, 1963) states it combines with sulfamethizole and perhaps other sulfas in the urine “which results in mutual antagonism”.

      Bactrim is a mix of a sulfa and trimethoprim.

      Sulfa’s in general need a low acid environment to keep from crystalization in the kidneys, but no mention of that problem in this reference.

      I would not use methenamine, either alone or with anything.

    What could it be I have been having pain.?
    What could it be? I have been having lower stomach pain off and on for the past month along with pain from the vaginal area. It doesn’t hurt when I pee. I have no strange discharge either. I took Cystex because i thought i maybe have a uti but nothing has changed

    • ANSWER:
      You did not say if you are sexually active. If you are then go to your health dept. doc or nearest planed parenthood they will test you for any type of s.t.d. Dont be afraid to do that it happens to the best of us.Once you rule any s.t.d.s out then see your doc. Do not put it off or you can get worse. You will be fine but the smartest thing you can do is that type of testing. If you have never ever been sexually active then go see your doc and he will find out why it is happening. I wish I could tell you exactly what is causing this but it depends on many different things. The vagina is separate from your urinary tract

      so that would rule out a u.t.i. You could have a secondary thing going on. That means you may have 2 simple things goin on at once and you just think its just one thing. As long as you first rule out the s.t.ds then you can take it from there. s.t.d.s are nothing to feel ugly about or embaressed so never let that stop you from going to check it out. You would be real surprised at the people who have dealt with s.t.d.s. Good luck and go get that done honey

    Bladder Infection treatement cost?
    I have a bladder infection (i think). I’ve been using Cystex for over a week and drinking a bunch of water and it wont go away. I don’t have insurance and i was wondering how much can it cost to get it checked. My doctor appointement will be 80$ but i have no idea how much they charge for the testing and what not. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Forget the financial cost.

      The cost of not getting on an antibiotic prescribed by your doctor if you have a bladder infection, could be permanent kidney disease and dialysis treatments for the rest of your life.
      As a nurse, I hear from doctors saying all this could have been avoided by proper and timely treatment. Cranberry juice helps, but does not cure the problem and if the acute infection turns to a chronic (long Lasting one) then eventually kidney disease can happen.

      When you get your urine checked and have been on an antibiotic the doctor needs to check your urine again to make sure you are cured of the infection so add this to your doctor costs.

      While cystex may relieve the pain it is not an antibiotic and does not treat the infection itself, you need to get in to see a doctor and on an appropriate antibiotic asap.

    I had a UTI a couple of weeks ago, and-?
    I had a UTI a couple of weeks ago and I started using Cystex and started drinking LOADS of cranberry juice and I no longer have any pain or discomfort; however, should I still go and get the antibiotics for the infection itself or will it do harm to take the medication?

    • ANSWER:
      Dont be fooled!.. i get regular UTI’S and cystitis.. if you dont take the anti biotics and FINISH the course you will get it re-occur, dont just take a few, because it will mask the infection for a few weeks and it will come back worse, trust me, im an expert lol.

    Urinary tract infection… should I go to urgent care?
    It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve had this UTI for approximately 3 days. I took Uristat for 2 days, and am now taking Cystex. I am in so much pain it’s horrible. I’ve been drinking water like crazy and also cranberry juice.

    Should I go to the Urgent Care… are they going to be able to do anything to ease my pain?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you need an antibiotic…they can help you with that so you should probably go.

    Will my Urinary tract infection go away?
    I just got a Urinary tract infection a couple days ago AGAIN.. The last one I had was not even 2 months ago.. But, I went to the DR. and she gave me my prescription and blah blah.. Well, this time I can’t go to the DR. because my insurance is changing so I currently don’t have any and in no way can I afford the DR. right now.. So, the question is.. will my UTI eventually go away if I keep taking Cystex, and drinking cranberry juice? Please don’t answer that I should go to the DR. cause that is not an option right now. Thanks =)

    • ANSWER:
      It should go away if you keep doing all that you’re doing, hopefully. Another thing you can do is drink plenty of fluid in general, and vitamin C and echinacea. Also avoid coffee, chocolate, cheese, cigarettes, anything super-acidic (but not lemons, those would be good). Also, try taking an alka-seltzer; it should balance out your Ph a bit. Good luck!

    Bladder infection or yeast infection? Advice?
    Recently, I’ve felt burning and itching in my vaginal area (more burning than itching)
    I’ve tried anti-itch creams, medications such as Cystex, and drinking lots of fluids but the burning won’t stop. It hurts when I pee at times, causing burning.
    *****Note: My boyfriend and I tried a condom with spermicidal lube recently, could this be the cause?
    Generally speaking, what can be done to take away this burning/itching? I need help.

    • ANSWER:
      Spermicidal lube on condoms can cause a lot of irritation in some women.

      This might be what has caused your symptoms.
      However, you could also have a bladder infection. And you could also have a vaginal infection.
      Your best bet would see your doctor – treating something with random medications is not a good idea .
      You could try Vagisil cream or Hydrocortisone 1% cream or ointment (you can purchase these over the counter)- and drink lots of cranberry juice and see if this helps.
      There are over the counter yeast medications and over the counter medications for bladder infections, but y ou have already tried Cystex and it ,apparently, did not work.
      My suggestion would be to go to your doctor or a clinic – some drugstores have clinics (Walgreen’s)

    UTI pain treatment combinations?
    I woke up this morning with my second UTI. I can’t get an antibiotic until the morning so I bought pain relief tablets.

    Is it safe to take AZO standard and Cystex at the same time? This would give me a total of about 370 mg of Analgesic (which is what relieves the pain/urgency).

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t see the need to take both.. you are duplicating therapy. Azo standard contains a dye that relieves burning and itching. Cystex also has a mild analgesic along with another dye. If you have pain, I would take the Cystex but definitely no need to take both.

    I had a UTI (bladder infection) but, ?
    I had a UTI (bladder infection) a couple of weeks ago and I loaded up on cranberry juice and cystex which is the pain relievers for the infection and the symptoms, pain, everything just stopped; however, should I start taking the antibiotics that were provided for me? The drug is sulfamethoxazole and I’ve read of the side effects it may cause. I’m just afraid the infection is still within me and will reoccur again. Please Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Definately take the meds. You have done good to relieve yourself of the pain and to help get toxins out with cranberry juice naturally but you still had an infection and really need to complete the meds to get it to go away. However, people who have had one are definately more prone to get them again so, continue with the habit of cranberry juice- adding it more frequently into your diet and you could prevent the frequency of them down the road. Good Luck!!

    Urgent question!!! Please Serious Answers!?
    Does Cystex (an over the counter medicine for UTI) effect birth control pills? I looked all over the internet and couldn’t find an answer. I figure I would ask here before I call my pharmacist.
    I called the pharmacist and it doesn’t….he said neither does cipro!!! Thanks anyways

    • ANSWER:
      Usually it’s only antibiotics and some epilepsy medication that are said to affect the pill but you should really ask your doctor – don’t want any “accidents”.

    urinary tract infection?
    Hello, it started like 6 hours ago, the urgency to go and nothing coming out or just a few drops, I bought AZO and CYSTEX, took first the CYSTEX and then the AZO like half an hour ago (5 hous between each other), I’m going to the doc tomorrow but I’m scared as a few minutes ago I felt a very hard pain and some gelatin like piece came out, what is it?, Do I have to go to the ER or wait until tomorrow to see my doc??

    • ANSWER:
      possibly a kidney or bladder stone. Are you having lots of pain as well?
      Search kidney stone and see if that is what you are experiencing. Sometimes these can mask themselves as feeling like a UTI or they can cause a UTI. Save what came out if you can, if it is hard then it might help the Dr. diagnose you.

      Hey, how are you feeling and did you get to go see your doc?
      Hope you don’t have stones, those can be really painful. Hope you are feeling better!