Burst Ovarian Cyst Bleeding

A follicular cyst begins when the surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) in a normal ovarian cycle stimulates the egg to be released, fails to occur. The follicle therefore doesn’t rupture or release its egg, but instead turns into a cyst. As follicular cysts are a natural occurring, it does not cause pain and normally disappear by itself.

When the LH surge occurs and the egg is released, the remaining ruptured follicle usually starts to secrete large volumes of estrogen and progesterone. As a result, this follicle becomes the ‘white body’ known as corpus luteum. Sometimes the opening left in the follicle by the egg becomes sealed off. Then fluid accumulates inside the ‘white body,’ resulting in a cyst. Although this type of cyst deteriorates by itself, it has the potential to grow, bleed in its capsule and sometimes, twist the ovary.

The other types of ovarian cysts are: Endometriomas, Cystadenomas, Dermoid cysts and Polycyst Ovaries. Endometriomas cysts form in women who have endometriosis. This problem occurs when tissue that looks and acts like the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. The tissue may attach to the ovary and form a growth. These cysts can be painful during sex and during your period. Cystadenomas forms from the cells on the outer surface of the ovary. They are often filled with a watery fluid or a thick, sticky gel. They can become large and cause pain. Dermoid cysts contain many types of cells. They may be filled with hair, teeth, and other tissues that become part of the cyst. They can grow large and cause pain. Polycystic ovaries are caused when eggs mature within the sacs but are not released. The cycle then repeats. The sacs continue to grow and many cysts may form.

Some cysts do not cause symptoms but still you should look for ovarian cyst symptoms periodically. Many others can cause pressure, swelling or pain in the abdomen; dull ache in the lower back and thighs; problems passing urine completely; pelvic pain; pain during sex; weight gain; pain during your period; abnormal bleeding; nausea or vomiting and breast tenderness. If one has problems like pain with fever and vomiting; sudden, severe abdominal pain or faintness, dizziness, or weakness, immediate help is needed.

Most doctors often diagnose ovarian cysts during routine pelvic examination. The doctors may feel the swelling of a cyst on the ovary. Once the cyst is found, ultrasound tests are carried out for the doctor to pin point the size, shape, the location and mass – if it is fluid filled, solid or mixed. Hormone levels may be checked to see whether there are hormone related problems. A blood test also is carried out to find if the cyst is cancerous.

If you have a cyst, you are invariably asked to wait and have a second exam after 1 month to 3 months. In this case, your doctor will repeat the tests to find if the cyst has changed in size. Then your doctor recommends suitable treatments like watchful waiting, surgery, laparoscopy or laparotomy.

Frequently Asked Questions

    My girlfriend had an ovarian cyst burst, and is currently bleeding, how do we stop the bleeding?

    • ANSWER:
      Well… I have had an ovarian cyst that has ruptured before… but it was not filled with blood so the ‘saline type’ of solution was absorbed back into the surrounding tissue. The only evidence of what had happened was a swollen fallopian tube on the one side that the pain came from.

      I know that depending on the size of blood filled ovarian cysts… they may or may not be life threatening. (they are called chocolate cysts which grosses me out but whatever). Apparently some cause hemorrhaging. So if she is bleeding a lot and or appears to be getting anemic (skin, gums, inside of lips, inside of eyelids appear to be pale) you should get her to the hospital because the condition could very well be life threatening.

      I don’t know of anyway to make the bleeding stop, keep her hydrated and try to get her to eat something nutritious BUT like I said if she is bleeding a lot… take her to the hospital and push the issue! It’s your girlfriend who’s life is in danger SO be proactive and tell them there has to be something they can do. Also… I would get a hold of the OBGYN that diagnosed her with the PCOS and explain what is going on… see what they have to say, I would also make an appointment to go in!

      If she has gone through this before… why don’t you know what to do… you haven’t figured it out or checked into it with professionals that know what they are doing… doesn’t make sense.

    Ovarian Cyst and Bleeding?????
    2 days ago I was in the ER due to a ovarian cyst that burst. I woke up that morning in really REALLY bad pain. Bad cramping all through my lower abs. I had an O/S done at the ER and the doc told me that I had a few cyst burst and I have a lot on my ovaries but they are nothing to worry about. I started bleeding this morning and it is unlike my period. It’s really dark red and very clotty. Could this bleeding come from the cyst? I am still having sharp pain in both my sides and bad period like cramps. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      See your own doctor. The ER is there to treat emergencies, but even if he’s right and you have more but they are “nothing to worry about” your doc will want to know about it. Plus, your doc can help you with pain management options. There are treatment options as well for some people with cysts- sometimes laproscopic surgery, sometimes hormone supplements.

      I’d make an appointment with your doctor ASAP. When you call to make the appointment, tell the receptionist that you were just in the ER, that the attending physician diagnosed you with cysts, but that your pain is persisting and you are having irregular bleeding.

      I’m sure the hospital checked, but is there any way you could be pregnant? Could this be a tubal pregnancy instead of cysts?

      If the pain is unbearable, the bleeding is out of control or you develop a fever, get your tail back to the ER. Don’t worry about what they think, or if you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Take care of yourself. Better to be told there’s nothing wrong than to miss something.

    when an ovarian cyst bursts, will I experience bleeding?

    • ANSWER:
      you could feel abdominal pain – discover more below

    Can an ovarian cyst burst twice?
    I had a cyst rupture a few days ago and last night I had similar, but not quite as bad, pain, as well as some bleeding. Could this be some blood left over, or is it something else?? How long is pain from a cyst rupture supposed to last?

    • ANSWER:

    I suspect that I burst an ovarian cyst. Should I go to emergency?
    I discovered a month ago that I have a large cyst (almost 2 inches in diameter) on one of my ovaries. I had sexual intercourse a couple days ago for the first time in a month. I know that bleeding is one symptom of a burst cyst. My family doctor isn’t available to see me until after thanksgiving. Should I go to emergency tonight to see a gynecologist? I’ve heard that burst cysts are big trouble. Also, should I refrain from having intercourse until I have this all figured out?

    It’s possible that the bleeding was caused by my hymen breaking — I’ve only had intercourse about 10 times before, and I’ve never bled during the act. I heard that sometimes it can take a while for the hymen to break.

    Thanks for your input.

    • ANSWER:
      If there is tenderness at the entry of your vagina, I’d lean toward the hymen theory. That being said however, I’d imagine that if you’ve had repeated acts of intercourse — regardless of whether or not you’ve bled in the past — your hymen has probably long since broken.

      The bleeding might be related to the cyst, but it might actually be caused by hormone fluctuations rather than the cyst rupturing. If it ruptured, you’d be in a considerable amount of pain; if you’re not, it may just be irregular menstrual bleeding.

      If it would make you feel better to go to the ER or urgent care, then by all means, go.

      I’d also recommend that you find a different doctor. A doctor that can’t see you for 2 full months is far too over-booked to be bothered with you. Your condition COULD cause you problems and you want a doctor that is attentive to your needs…even if it means squeezing you in on an urgent basis (which then CAN do … IF they want to).

    ovarian cyst that burst and pregnancy, i have already asked but only had two answers please help!?
    i had an ovarian cyst that burst mid way through my cycle six weeks ago it was so very painfull i bled for two weeks and have not had a period since (its been about 25 days since i stopped bleeding). when i went to the hospital they said i had another two smaller cysts forming in each ovary. i am worried that i now can’t get pregnant. the hospital have been no help giving me advice or even telling me anything about this can someone please tell me everything i need to know. god bless and thankyou x

    i am also think i am a few days late with my period so could i already be pregnant. i heard that burst cysts can be a sign of implantation is this true or has anyone else heard this. i also know that cysts can cause irregular periods so i am not ruling this out either. though i have always been regular as clockwork. any more advice would be gratefully recieved thanks x
    i never said before that i was infertile, the doctors told me i am probably infertile but have heard since that people have still got pregnant with cysts. i am now very confused,
    sorry it appears i didn’t put enough information here, i will make myself clearer. i was told that i was infertile due to these cysts and due to an eating disorder i have lived with for 15 years. hence why i am doubtfull that i am already pregnant, my main question was answered that you can still get pregnant when you have ovarian cysts. depending on what type they are. but i have found that i am now more confused than ever. for the past few months since i was told i was infertile i thought i had accepted it especially when i only had myself to blame, but i am hearing so many different stories i just don’t know what to think.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m presently going through a very similar experience right now. I have cysts on my ovaries and experienced an ectopic pregnancy in Jan 07.

      Just last week, I had very bad pain in my left side and with such irregular periods, I guessed that it was just going to be a heavy bad one. However, after 4 days of bleeding, wicked cramps and noticed that my blood was not dark and odoured like menstrual blood, I went to emerge. At first, I was misdiagnosed and was treated for food poisoning. After two more days of pain and bleeding I was rushed to emergency to learn I had a burst cyst on my ovary and only time would correct it. After two more days of pain (even with heavy medication) I was rushed to hospital because the pain was unbearable (would not even stand/walk). My blood counts dropped a lot, I was rushed to surgery to learn I had an ectopic pregnancy in the same tube that my previous one from Jan07. They removed the tube, drained 1L of blood from my stomach and I was in recovery for 4 days.

      Somethings I have learned:
      - People with cysts have irregular periods.
      - You can get pregnant and have cysts – even burst ones.
      - Going on birth control pills can reduce your cysts from swelling.

      I’d like to also mention, the I thought I skipped a period in April – - but had normal periods in May & June. My bloodwork NEVER showed I was pregnant.

      If you are dizzy, still bleeding, stomach ache, bloating – - return to the hospital and be instant that you have BOTH internal and external ultrasounds. You can also request larascopy where they make a small incision and look around inside. Also, consider having your doctor compare your blood counts. You could internally bleed, not know it, and be fatal.

      Good luck and God bless!

    Sex after surgery from a Burst Ovarian Cyst?
    Im 21 and I had immediate surgery on my left ovary in march due to the cyst bursting and also because i had internal bleeding. I couldnt have sex for 8 weeks. Which was okay to me because i was in alot of pain, but than as time went on i didnt care about having sex with my b.f. and i wasnt turned on. We tried a couple times but it hurt so much that i was crying. My OBGYN said i was fine, so we tried again and it still hurts alot. I have no interest in having sex with my b.f. but i love him deeply. before surgery i had an inszne sex drive and now i have n interest. Would anyone happen to know if its normal to just not want sex after the surgery? What should i do, Much needed advice!

    • ANSWER:

    my wife had a pelvic CT Scan in the ER and it found a 3cm Ovarian Cyst. Now she has vaginal bleeding and pain.?
    She was diagnosed and given Cipro for a UTI and the meds have not worked. The ER Dr. saic not to worry about the cyst. She thinks the cyst has burst. This is in no relation to her period and she is in extreme pain. Would a CT scan show other possibilities of a tunor/infection? Confused and helpless. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I think she needs to be examined again… perhaps another scan or ultrasound image should be done. The cyst could have broken, or perhaps it has positioned in such a way as to become very very uncomfortable. It may be that it needs to be drained via a variety of means.

      John Jones, MD

    An ovarian cyst that burst – could it cause a positive pregnancy test??
    I had an extremly large ovarian cyst for the longest time, and I was 2 weeks late when I started bleeding, but not too heavy. I went in 2 days later and the doctors said I had miscarried, and they followed my levels back down to 0 …. okay so the thing is, my levels were only 27 the day I went to the hospital, and they couldn’t have been higher than that, because a few days before I tested with HPT and they came back negative. I heard that Cysts carry the HCG hormone, so Im wondering if my cyst burst and that’s why when i was suposed to be 6 1/2 weeks pregnant, my hcg level was only 27 – (as I stated a little bit ago, was taking hpts every 2 days since 5 days before my missed period, all negative, but suddenly when I bled for 2 days I got positives) – so I was just curious if that may have caused my positive tests??…..

    • ANSWER:
      Sweetheart. Having gone through the same experience I know a cyst can’t cause HCG levels. The chances that you were pregnant are very possible. I to had very low HCG levels and my Dr went in to remove what he thought was an ectopic Pregnancy (Fetus outside the uterus) I was having pain so they went in to see. Turns out, it was 3 cysts, 1 of which burst and 2 others. After having them removed and drained my HCG levels skyrocketed.

      From personal experience, Cysts have caused 2 miscarriages very early on. We almost lost a 3rd but thanks to some wonderfully, in tune Drs. Everything turned out well

      I’m sorry. I hope you will be alright with this and make it through. Feel free to talk with other women about it. It’s very healing!

    How long after an ovarian cyst bursts would the person bleed? And for how long?

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been told generally 3-6 days. The first 3 days are usually when the bleeding starts but its never been bad for me more of a nasty looking brown discharge and it never lasted long. The length of time really depends on the time of the cyst also it might not be blood it could be a clear discharge or a yellowish one depending what the cyst was filled with. Good luck!

    Had an ovarian cyst burst… need adult advice please?
    At the beginning of November, I had what I was told a functional ovarian cyst that had burst. I was told that it would take me up to 3 months to heal from the extreme pain I was/still am having. Now they never told me to refrain from having sex while I heal, although I thought it would be a good idea.. however, I gave in. What I’m wondering is if anyone out there knows what could happen to me if I continue to have sex while I’m healing… any infections, bleeding… cause the inability to have kids.. anything like that.. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Well..I think it’s because the movement during sexual intercourse might jostle everything around that area. On the other hand…well, my mom had ovarian cysts and a certain someone who’s answering this question fixed that :) So I’m not sure, but if it helps with pain management, I don’t see why not. On the other hand…well, I’d talk more to my Dr. if I were you.

    Why am i bleeding?? Could it be ovarian cysts bursting?
    I have had bursting cysts in the past, and they hurt like hell but i never bled. I have been cyst free for many months now. My period COMPLETELY stopped about 2 weeks ago, and i know you can still bleed over 7 days but that’s not what this is. I stopped bleeding completely and now for the last 3 days and even after sex once i have been bleeding a little. I have had small twingy pains on my left ovary and also some breast gland pain. I even had cramping down my legs like menstrual cramps one night. I’m almost POSITIVE i’m not pregnant. Could it be the ovarian cysts causing my hormones to whack out and cause these symptoms?
    I have an appt. with a GYN on the 12th. My period was really heavy and clot passing too. Anyone have any idea? Uterine Polyps maybe?

    • ANSWER:
      It is possible that you are just experiencing some breakthru bleeding or that your menstrual cycle might be a little wonky. It’s a good thing that you are going to your gynaecologist soon. Even if your symptoms have disappeared by then you need to mention them to your doctor. Until then, unless the bleeding gets very heavy, you start passing clots or you start to experience pain, stop worrying.

    ovarian cyst showed postive preg test?
    so i had an ovarian cyst burst on tuesday they did a pregnancy test after it burst and it came up possitive even though i did a test a few days before and it was negitive, they delt with the cyst and bleeding, and have told me that the pregnancy test was possitive and guess what i’ve come on my normal period nothing abnormal at all typical period and the doctors are now telling me i might not even be pregnant is this true has anyone else had this please it’s ripping me apart i cant handle the emotions anymore.

    • ANSWER:

    Extremely painful ovarian cyst. Did it burst?
    Last week I was told that I have a 3cm ovarian cyst on my right ovary. They found it through an ultrasound because I was complaining of horrible stabbing pains. Today the pains have been awful off and on. They make me feel nauseous and sometimes I can’t walk from the pain. I’ve also been bleeding bright red blood today. Could the cyst have popped?
    I’ve also been really dizzy. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    • ANSWER:
      If the Dr’s know you have an ovarian cyst and you are bleeding bright red blood today, then I would suggest you get to the hospital or at the least your Dr.’s office for a follow up. Anytime there is bright red blood and you’re not on your period there is concern. Do not pass go, do not collect 200.00 just get to your Dr. Good Luck..

    burst ovarian cysts?
    About 4 weeks ago, my hip started hurting all the time.
    and a little bit of shoulder pain.
    When it first hit me, i couldnt walk.
    it hurt to lay down, to bend my knee, to do anythingg.
    it would hurt alot of the time when i did alot of walking or something.

    Then maybe a week later i had the worst period ever..
    It lasted for a week and i was bleeding through the super tampons
    in 2 minutes. i used a box of 36 tampons in 24 hours.
    I’ve had a little bit of spotting every once in a while for about 2 weeks.

    My hip still kills all the time.
    I have headaches and im alot more moody
    and i have shoulder pain..
    I also pee longer?
    I read something that if you have a cyst,
    it can affect your urination..
    I’ve been peeing alot longer. i may not feel like my bladders gunna burst,
    but i pee for like 4 minutes. Which i thought was weird..

    Is it possible i had a cyst that burst?
    My sister and i think my mom have all had cysts before..
    I’m very active too. so maybe that could’ve caused it to burst?

    • ANSWER:

    Ovarian Cyst — How does it go away?
    While in the ER for other problems (intestinal virus and colon infection), they found a 2inch cyst in my left ovary and said it’d go away on its own and its only causing a little bleeding.

    How exactly DOES a cyst go away? Does it burst or something? Is it painful?

    What should I expect…? I’ve never had a cyst before (or I have and they caused no problems — this one causes a little pain) and I heard 2inches is pretty big for a cyst.


    • ANSWER:

      Ovarian cysts are a very common problem. Basically each time you get your period, a follicle is released and forms small cysts around your ovary. Normally, the cysts disappear after your period, but sometimes they stick there and sometimes grow bigger.

      Ovarian cysts either disappear on their own, and that doesn’t involve any pain (it will probably happen with your next menstruations). Birth control pills are a common treatment for cysts – both as a preventive and curative method. This treatment has a high rate of success and only if a cyst remains untreated (provided that the problem isn’t solved on its own), it can grow bigger – usually for cysts larger than 3 inches a surgical intervention is recommended. Even with surgery, laparoscopy – which is basically a small (0,2 inch) incision – usually works, and only in serious cases a real surgery is required.

      Do consult with your OB-gyn to see if you should take birth control pills for this and go for a check-up monthly or every two months in between periods to monitor the evolution of your cysts.

      Hope this helps.

    Ovarian Cyst question? (sorry if gross)?
    Does anyone know a bit about ovarian cysts?

    i went to the doctor last week with insane pain in my right abdominal area, presumably my right ovary
    she said she thinks its probably a ovarian cyst, and booked me in for a scan (which i cant get in til friday) the pain lasted 3 days. and now its stopped and for the last 3 days i have been having bleeding and lots of brown discharge, gross i know, its NOT my period i had my period end over a week ago.

    Has the cyst burst?

    its really worrying me coz i dont know anything about them, when i look them up there is too many, and i dont know which one i have.

    should i be worried?
    oh and should also add, im NOT pregnant. 100% sure as i havnt had sex. ever.

    • ANSWER:
      I had an ovarian cyst a few months ago which was really painful, but the pain stopped after about a week. I didn’t have any discharge. My doctor said the cysts will rupture and hurt, but they generally just go away after a few days.

    I’m having abnormal bleeding? help?
    i have the mirena IUD, stopped getting my period as of July 2010. In the middle of October i had a ovarian cyst burst, causing to me to bleed every other day for two weeks. Then it stopped and now im bleeding every few days with some pea sized clotting (dark red to bright red coloring) along with some cramping. Should i ignore this or call my obgyn to make an appt on monday? Its just really annoying to me….any ideas what could be going on?

    • ANSWER:

    Ovarian Cyst…Im 6 weeks pregnant? Did it bust?
    Yesterday and the day before I had some serious pains going on.I had to go to the emergency room two times.I thought I was having a miscarriage and I was so scared.The doctor did a ultrasound and said I have an ovarian cyst that was problem causing all the pain.My question is….

    When a ovarian cyst bust will you bleed? I mean not alot or anything like that like for example.Ball up your fist and the blood was less than a balled up fist amount.After I bleed the pain completely went away and today Ive had no pain at all..So did it burst? I think I had 2 because the two days I had went to the hospital I started to bleed a little and it was only a one time thing.The pain was awful though! Someone please give me some stories if you have had one.


    • ANSWER:
      Personally I’ve never had any bleeding when I’ve had a cyst burst. They doctor also would have been able to tell via the ultrasound if the cyst had ruptured or not.

      When I had a cyst burst it was extreme pain on one spot, usually on the left or right side because mine were on my ovaries. I threw up each time because of the pain but never had any bleeding.

    What was this? Ovarian cyst maybe?
    When I was young, a few years after my menarche, at the beginning of one of my periods I got intense, intense cramps that made me throw up, double over in pain, and feel like I was going to die. I went to the hospital and they found nothing wrong with me – though I don’t even remember them doing any tests or checks… seems like they just sat me in a room for a few hours… but it was a long time ago, and I digress…

    They attributed it to period pains (I’ve never had period pains so severe! I do have bad ones, but not like that, not since then) and it went away in just a few hours (the whole pain lasted maybe 10 hours at most, with only a couple hours of severe pain). They prescribed me birth control to help with the cramping. And well, it has helped…

    But I have always doubted their diagnosis, it was this ridiculous pain that made me feel like I was dying or something.

    A few years ago I heard that ovarian cysts can do that when they burst? Would I have had any other signs? Couldn’t tell if I was bleeding because I was on my period.

    • ANSWER:

    Stomach Bleeding and Back Pain?
    Ok I have an ovarian cysts that the doctor said was 5 sonogram she said that was pretty big I had sever back pain in my tail bone and my back was very stiff could that be a sign of of the cysts bursting.. it went away when I sat in a hot shower for about 40 mins I also had a fever but I also have a kidney infection and cat scratch disease I am taking antibiotics for both and I been taking motrin every 2 to 4 hours sometimes i will take 2 I have been taking this maybe for a week and a half the doctor told me to do that I been nausea and I get diarrea every could of days I have some blood on the tissue when I wipe but not much at all and sometimes it burns when I have a bow movement I do not have blood in my vomit.. Did my cyst burst? and am I at risk of stomach bleeding?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you might be getting C-diff from the antibiotics. You need to go see your doc ASAP and get checked. Any time you take antibiotics you MUST either eat lots of yogurt with live active culuture OR take acidophillus capsules to help prevent yeast infections such as C-diff. This could be serious if that is the problem so please call your docs office as soon as the clinic is open and get seen.

    I’m bleeding but I’m not on my period?
    I have had sex a few times (5) before and also have had problems with bursting ovarian cysts.
    My period shouldn’t be here for another two-three weeks. What’s going on?!
    I last time I had sex was exactly a week ago.
    I’m not on birth control.

    • ANSWER:
      Simply put you very likely have a certain of infection most likely. Although with your medical history of ovarian cysts I would not take nay risks at all and go to your doctor immediately, for it can cause many complications. Not to get you over worried but when a ovarian cyst or any cyst burst it always has a chance of being cancerous so always get a biopsy done as well.

    Bleeding after a year of having Mirena?
    I’ve had my Mirena in for a little over a year. My period completely stopped right after I had it put in. I’ve had some problems with some ovarian cysts that needed to be removed. I’m not sure if it was related to the Mirena or not. For the past few days I’ve been having horrible cramps especially near my left ovary (where all my pain was before when I had cysts). Then today I went to the bathroom and I noticed I was bleeding pretty heavy and I’m still having the pain. My Husband just started a new job so our new insurance doesn’t start for another 2 months that’s why I’m asking on here. Could I have just gotten my period after a year of not having it? I’m just worried about a possible ectopic pregnancy or maybe a cyst burst. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:

    A question possibly having to do with ovarian cysts but might not have anything to do with it either…HELP?
    I went and saw my gyno last Monday concerned about a possible ovarian cyst…I have not gotten the results but she did an ultrasound down there and the girl who did it said it looked like one…ANYWAY. My boyfriend and I were having sex last night and when we were done I went to pee and I was bleeding..At first I thought it was my period (it’s coming in the next few days) but ever since whenever I pee it’s normal….I am having cramps but no bleeding…Does anyone know what the hell is going on? I am scared=/ Was it the cyst bursting or something? Is it serious? I don’t know what to do….I am not a virgin or anything like that, me and this guy have been together about a year…And have had “rougher” sex in the past….god i know it sounds so sick I am just so scared…..

    • ANSWER:

    Ovarian cysts and painnnnnnn ?
    Ok so this might sound type nasty, but i need some answers. After having pain in my lower stomach (where u cramp) i finally went to my doctor and found out i had an ovarian cysts on my right ovary. This was about a year ago or so. I was put on birth control but quit because of the side effects. At times i fell a sharp pain beginning from my pelvis down to my butt, thighs, legs and sole of my feet. I know now this pain is caused by my cysts triggering a nerve. About 2 maybe 3 times already, i wake up or suddenly get severe pain in my pelvis about 5 seconds later im rushing to the bathroom thinking i have to take a sh**. I sit there for a while with nothing happening, and then the heat flash comes and i literally have to take of my clothes. I get nausea and sometimes even vomit. I finally take a shit which basically is usually diarrhea. I think im fine and about 2 mins later it begins all over again. I also get very dizzy. The pain is intense it literally bends me over ! A couple days later i bleed (my period im guessing since the bleeding only last the usuall amount of time it normally does, yet lots of tissue and heavy). One time i blacked out (but only once thank god) I was still conscious yet everything was black so i took a nap and felt fine when i woke back up. My question is does this happen to any one else ? Is it related to my cysts ? Did my cysts burst ?

    • ANSWER:

    Possible miscarriage 4-6 weeks?
    This month my period was very late i didn’t get it until yesterday. I had taken a pregnancy test but it came back negative so i didn’t think anything of it when my period started abruptly. I had the most severe cramps i have ever experienced. I just came off of the pill a couple months ago to try to conceive. When i sat down bright red blood was coming out. then small almost transparent chunks covered in blood came out too. i showed my mother(who had a miscarriage before) and she wasn’t concerned. I feel nauseous. I don’t want to waste my time in an emergency room if this wasn’t a miscarriage, but i am very worried that it was. If so it would be about 4-6 weeks. and the thing that came out with all of the other stuff was somewhat solid and had a thin strand that hung from it. I am very worried.Has anyone miscarried around 4-6 weeks, please i would appreciate your help. thank you. And if i should be concerned i WILL go to the emergency room.

    also about a month ago i went to the emergency room with severe uterine cramping and excessive bleeding. I was bleeding for 2 weeks. The doctors chalked it up to a burst ovarian cyst(which i have) and sent me home. However, what happened tonight was very different:(

    • ANSWER:
      It’s always possible that it may have been, however it also may not have been. It’s possible to have a -PGcy test and still be/have been PG, but as far as the ‘chunks’ you describe, it just sounds like clots and some stringy CM IMO. However, if you had described a greyish-white blob, then that sounds more like what a lot of early MCers have. BUT not every MC actually expels the embryo (sometimes it is reabsorbed), and everyone experiences different things.

      Just TRY not to worry about it. If it was a MC, there was nothing you could’ve done to prevent it this early.

    Are there any food restrictions that i need to take care of if i have an ovarian cyst?
    The ultrasound technician told me she sees a cyst in the left ovary, and ever since then i’ve been feeling a mild pain on the left side. Anyways, I didn’t call my doctor yet, ‘cos I am waiting for her to get the report and then call me like she always does. Till then I’m just worried if I’m eating the wrong stuff or doing something that i shouldn’t be doing. I haven’t been working out at all ‘cos i got pregnant and started spotting very early on, so the doc told me to rest, then it turned out to be a miscarriage and i still bleed on n off so My OBGYN has advised not to work out. Now since she told me abt this cyst, I’m like again kinda bedridden ‘cos am scared it will burst if i move too much! What should i do?

    • ANSWER:

    Bad ovarian cysts…hurting now, need a bit of help?
    Ok, I know that yahoo answers doesn’t take place of a real doctor, but I don’t have insurance, and don’t want to pay for a 0+ doctors appt if it is normal…so please no “I’m not a doctor” comments. Thanks!! :)
    So for the last 6 months I have had a problem with ovarian cysts. I went to the doctor with really bad abdominal pain and after an ultrasound she said that I had a 4cm cyst and many smaller cysts on my ovaries. Two weeks later she had me come back in and get checked again to see if it was improving. The larger cyst had went down, but both ovaries had many cysts. I asked her what I could do about it, and she said there’s nothing they could do besides give me birth control to help them go down (which I can’t take because it makes me very sick). And that if it gets so bad that I double over or start bleeding (I don’t have periods) to go in because they could have twisted my fallopian tube or burst.
    Pain from these cysts has lasted EVERY DAY since then..some better than others. The last couple days they have progressively gotten worse. Today they are getting rather painful. My right ovary is the majority of the pain and hurts to move around, sit still, and it even hurts when I pee (not like UTI pain). It isn’t terrible, but very constant. It feels like I have a toothpic insterted through my ovary. A “burning” pain feeling. It’s not extremely overly painful..on a scale of 1-10 it’s probably a 5 or 6 when moving around.
    Is it normal for cysts to feel like this? Or should I scrape up some money to go to the doctor? I wish I could just go in without having to think about it and get checked, but I haven’t had insurance for 5 months now. :( Any help is appreciated..experiences are great!! No rude comments please.
    I don’t have a period because I have an IUD (which she says the cysts aren’t related to at all). But I did ask about the PCOS and getting checked for it, but she said that she didn’t think I had it because I’m not the “picture candidate” because I’m not overweight and I have a two year old and one year old daughter. But I’m almost convinced I do. When I get insurance I’m going to get tested anyway just in case.
    I did have state insurance, but they took it away from me because my fiance makes too much money. Even though we aren’t married..we live in the same house and are raising our kids together. A bunch of bull if you ask me!! Lol.

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same promblem andd the pain was so intense i wanted to die im not sure why they said there is nothing they can do ! when i hadmine they did a laperoscopy i believe it was calle an i havent had a problem scince then and no return of the cyst if you are in that much pain ask about the procedure. i have given you a link but its more towards the bottom where they tak about the proceures they can ddo I hope thhis helps an you get better soon heating pads help!! as vwell as a warm bath !
      good luck!


    somethings wrong with me! I NEED HELP PLEASE!?
    so heres the deal i went on this birth control in september and has a burst ovarian cyst in october seince feb i have had horrible back pain sort of where my kidneys are and a little up also have pain in the front kinda on both sides of my belly button and down to the thighs the thing is this only happens before and durring my peroid! i have also been bleeding at weird times too! is this because of my birth control of what? im not going to lie im a bit scared and the pain is bad enough that my doctor has to put me on hydros every month! im going to see my doctor monday but i wanna know sort of whats going on before! PLEASE HELP ME!
    my doctor thought in febuary my pain was kidney stones but i went to see a special doctor and he didnt think it acually was im just in pain and just want some ideas to whats going on a appreciate any ideas thanks everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      it sounds like endometriosis. I would go to WebMD, they have a good symptom checklist that should point you in the right direction. Good luck!

    ok im in ALOT of pain please help me!?
    so heres the deal i went on this birth control in september and has a burst ovarian cyst in october seince feb i have had horrible back pain sort of where my kidneys are and a little up also have pain in the front kinda on both sides of my belly button and down to the thighs the thing is this only happens before and durring my peroid! i have also been bleeding at weird times too! is this because of my birth control of what? im not going to lie im a bit scared and the pain is bad enough that my doctor has to put me on hydros every month! im going to see my doctor monday but i wanna know sort of whats going on before! PLEASE HELP ME!

    • ANSWER:
      Alot of what your describing sounds like endometriosis. Check it out and see if you have the symptoms. The only way for a doctor to know if you have it forsure is to perform a simple operation and at that time they will remove some or all of the endo tissue if that is the problem. There is no cure for it and in some women it can be very painful and for others it is not. But don’t be scared about the operation. I would be more worried about having endo.

    I am having pain in my pelvis and irregular period?
    I have had an ovarian cyst 2 years ago, it burst and left fluid on my pelvis. In July I had an mirena- iud placed in. Last Sunday I started cramping and bleeding, I now am still bleeding and cramping, I am getting warm and doubling over from my cramps. I did see the dr last week but my test results are not in.

    • ANSWER:
      This irregular period and the pelvic pain could be a side effect of the Mirena (an example only).

      However, that warm feeling that you are having and the cramping causing you to double over is not normal. I would recommend getting a hold of your doctor first thing in the morning to let them know what’s going on.

    Anyone with experience with OVARIAN CYSTS. please help!?

    july 15 – started period
    july 18 – finished period – was extremely light and short – didnt even need a tampon!
    july 20 – began experiencing bloated, belly pain, fatigue
    july 25 – tested negative for ectopic pregnancy
    july 26 – tested positive for bladder infection. got medication, symptoms worsened during the next week
    aug 2 – tested positive again for bladder infection in the early afternoon, got new medication
    aug 2 – 3 hrs after my drs appointment, i experienced excruciating pain for 1.5 hrs. i should have headed to the hospital but im a SAHM to 2 kids under 3 yrs old – i was in no shape to be trying to get anywhere with them so i wanted to see if it would pass. it did, but i was left pretty busted up inside. it hurt worse than when my appendix was within minutes of exploding!!
    aug 4 – made an appt to see my family dr at an after hours clinic. tested negative for bladder infection, cramping still persistant in my lower abdomen. he suggested perhaps ovarian cysts, but didnt suggest any further testing or anything.
    week of aug 6-12 – felt a little bit better, had some energy back, not much belly pain and bloating decreased.
    aug 12 – had intercourse in the morning, experienced pain during and ended up bleeding afterwards. it turned into my period, which came almost a week early (my cycles are usually 31-33 days and it came at 26-27 days). i usually have painful ovulation and i don’t remember it ever happening this month!
    aug 15 – period ended
    aug 16 (today) – im experiencing lots of lower abdominal pain again and im bloated up.

    does this sound like cysts to you? and if my cysts supposedly burst aug 2nd, why am i still in pain? could there be more? my doctor is obviously on vacation, and my gynecologist won’t see me unless i want to made an appt to get my iud out or if my family dr recommends an ultrasound or something.

    i guess i just need reassurance because it suuuuucks being in pain 90% of my waking hours. my kids are suffering too because i dont want to go out and do things!

    • ANSWER:
      Could well be a cyst or could even be endometriosis (I have both and let me tell you, it ain’t fun).

      You need to see a gynae and get scanned in order to find out if it’s any of the above. There does seem to be a link between IUDs and cysts, although scientist haven’t confirmed it.

      Hot water bottles and Ibuprofen helps to a degree.

    Should I get a second opinion from a different OBGYN?
    For the past 2 years i have had issues with my periods being VERY irregular and painful. Before this they were always perfect, i even knew what day they would start. It started out that they were very light and very short, almost to the point where i didn’t need to use a tampon just a panty liner and that would last me all day if i wanted it too. Then they started getting late or i started skipping periods. No matter what happened flow wise though, it was very very painful. I went to my obgyn and the 1st thing she did was a pregnancy test, which came back negative and she said because i had never had issues with my period before that it may just be due to stress and just left it at that. I waited a few more months and in jan of 2010 i went back in with the same complaints and they put me on YAZ birth control. They said even though i do not need to be on birth control to prevent pregnancy because my finace has had a vesectomy, that birth control can help regulate my periods. So the 1st and 2nd month on YAZ my periods were still really light and very painful but i just figured that it was because my body was still getting used to the birth control. But, the 3rd month into it, 2 1/2 weeks before my 3rd period was supposed to start, i started bleeding so heavily that i went through 6 super absorbancy tampons in 30 minutes and thought i was hemeraging…the 1st three were soaked through within 5 min. I went to the emergency room and they said that the heavy bleeding could be a side effect of the yaz or i had an ovarian cyst that burst and that if i went through 3 pads within the next few hours to go back into the ER. The bleeding ended up stopping that night and i went back to my obgyn the next day. I told them what happened and what the nurses and dr said and asked if this all could be becuase of a cyst on one of my ovaries…they just kinda of brushed it off like that wasn’t possible because if a cyst did burst i would have bleed internally not externally but scheduled an ultrasound anyway to check. Low and behold…the ultrasound showed a 4.0cm cyst on my right ovary. My gyno said that at that size it is operable but she wanted to see if putting me on a stronger birth control, PREVIFEM, if it would help my periods and shrink the cyst. I started taking the birth control and it worked great and they did a follow up ultrasound 3 months later to see if the cyst had shrunk and it had only gone down to 3.6cm in size. My gyno pretty much wrote off the cyst at that point and left it as it was nothing to worry about and this birth control is working good so i was all set. I’ve been on the birth control since and almost exactly 1 yr from when this all happened the same things are happening again with my periods, like im not on birth control at all. This month has been a real treat..i’m on my 2nd period already a week and a half after one just ended and last month it was 1 week late and both were very painful. My gyno is saying since a stronger birth control pill is not working their next recommendation is the mirena iud. I’m at this point i’m quesitoning everything. It seems strange to me that my periods were always perfect and then, boom out of nowhere, they go haywire. Then, after asking on multiple drs visits if it could be a cyst they finally did an ultrasound to appease me and low and behold there was one. And now, almost exactly 1 year after all this happened and the different birth controls were prescribed its all happening again and the birth control that had been working great isnt working at all. I really do not want to have the IUD or be on birth control the rest of my reproductive years bcuz like i said before…my fiance has had a vesectomy so i have no reason to be on it and don’t want to be. I’m wondering if all this could be from the cyst and if its all happening again if it could be from the cyst that is still there or that is even bigger. I’m just SO frustrated with my dr bcuz everytime i go in and mention what i think it might be or ask to have it checked…they act like they no more than me and im just jumping to conclusions. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact too that im still in my mid-late 20′s and they are assuming bcuz of my young age it can’t be as bad as i think. HELP!

    • ANSWER:

    This is my last question for tonight.I will be a pain and ask this again. Regarding my right ovary?
    On the 28th of last month I went for an ultrasound internally and it showd 2 septated ovarian cysts with fluid non specific in the Pouch of Doglous, and on Monday last week I was bleeding sooooo much I was almost hemeraging infact I was, it was the medication that helped stop the bleeding. And it was not round the time of my period as around the time of my period of spot blood and that is it. Now today I went for another internal ultrasound and it showed free range fluid in my pelvis for the first time, and the septated cysts were not seen anywhere. No it was not a burst cysts as I was told I would have been in more pain that what I was, and I do not have endrometriousus(how ever it is spelt) as my walss were thin. Today showed a simple cyst or a posible follice in hte right ovary 15mm or 1.5cm. what the? I cannot understand this. do you think I need a biopsy? Do you think this could be mallignant as the fluid has gone to my pelvis now free range.They cannot make up ther mind first
    septated cysts, now simple or folicale? I hear ovarian cancer is hard to detect early and only gets diagnoed most of the time in late stages. I have bee feeling very sick, look pale, irregular bleeding, abnormal bleeding, spotting, virus feeling(flu type sypmtoms) I am booked to see a gyni in November. I might request on Thursday to my doctor that they push it forward. What do you tihnk this could be, I might need an MRI. fluid free range in my pelvis? They never picked up this before. Help
    By the way I had a CA 125 blood test and it showed cancerous antigen in my blood of 21. I was told that people who hve begin do not have the cancer antigen in thier blood. and I heard that a lot of peope who do not have cancer have hight levels , I do not have hight levels just the cancer antigen level

    • ANSWER:
      Has your Obgyne seen your ultrasound results already?it seems
      nobody hasn’t interpreted all your results and come up with a
      management on what to do with whatever your condition is?it is important that after all results are done we go back to our doctor with the results so the doctor could come up with solutions or further treatment for you.

    I really need someone’s opinion?
    I’m almost 16. I’ve had my period since I was 13 or 14. My grandma and aunt have had ovarian cancer, and I’m worried. I have really large ovarian cysts that burst inside me. I bleed constantly as if I’m never off of my period. During my actual period it is normal. But other than that it is either a light pink/orange color or such a dark brown it’s almost black. My mom keeps telling me that the really bad pains and the bleeding is from the birth control my doctor put me on. I’m asking for someones help please.

    • ANSWER:
      Have a discussion with your doctor, your mom sounds like she is right, talk to your doctor about changing your pills. if cancer runs in your family then you should be careful what pills you take. talk to your doctor about that too.

      i would suggest stay off the pills and drink lots of water. do not have sex and see what happens.

    pain…please help?
    I am one week early on my period. The bleeding is bright red. I normally have dark red blood because it dries so quickly. I had an ovarian cyst burst about 2 years ago, since then my cramps have been the worst. Yet, they weren’t that bad these past 4 months. Now all of a sudden I have this early, unusual, and VERY painful period. Also, I thought I could’ve been pregnant ( I know basically everyone on here thinks that they are, but please deal once more with this). Bottom line, it’s 3 am and I am in excruciating pain, please help.
    also, i would have to wake up my parents cause of my car making so much noise and they already get pissed at me easily. Part of me doesn’t feel like it’s anything, yet I am scared of what I read online…kind of ironic cause I am on here. But I feel like this is asking a friend for advice.

    • ANSWER:
      get to the hospital quick

    Ovarian Cysts? What should I do?
    I am 25 and I have had a history of cysts on my ovaries before. It was a few years ago that it burst and I went to the ER and learned that I was getting cysts. It was painful and all they did was send me home with pain pills. I rarely feel any cysts but sometimes, I just know that they are there. My period always comes on time, unless I am switching from being on/off of birth control (started period when I was 10). I haven’t been on any birth control for months now. Usually, my period lasts 5-7 days with 35 day cycles. April 29, I started my period and it lasted for the usual 5-7 days. On June 3, I got my period and this time, it lasted for 15 days with VERY heavy bleeding and some pain, It is August 2nd now. I took a home pregnancy test a few days ago that was negative. I am sexually active with my fiance. I am experiencing some pain, especially when I move a certain way or bend over to pick something off of the floor. I think that the pain is worsening and it feels like a mild case of what it was when I felt the cysts that burst in the past. I have no job, no money, no health insurance. Should I go to the ER and see if they could help me or tell me what is wrong with me? Should I be worried about not being able to get pregnant now (not trying- just want to know if I am fertile) or in the future or having complications? I just need some advice to get me moving. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Please for the sake of your future health see a good Doctor ASAP! I am 31 with a history of ovarian cysts. 8 years ago I had a small one removed from my right ovary. I have had pain-free periods for the 7 years, a year ago I started noticing a slight increase in pain. Fast forward to Aug 2011….. the pain hit me suddenly like a ton a bricks! A recent ultra sound showed various cysts and a massive cystic mass in my pelvic area. I should be in chronic horrible pain, but I am not. My main symptoms were a slightly sore tummy and an expanding waistline. Other than that,I had very few signs that anything was wrong until a recent period hit me with total horrific pain. I am scheduled for surgery to remove the cysts, if that is not successful I am will need a Hysterectomy. So please get help before you find yourself in my shoes!

    Not sure what to expect?
    Good evening ladies.

    Right, I have been trying to conceive now for 12 months.

    I had a bleed the week between Christmas and New Year (great christmas gift) but it wasn’t a menstrual bleed, it was my body getting rid of all the gunk from burst ovarian cysts.

    My doctor then put me on the pill for two months (May and June) to try and give my body a kick in the right direction.

    Last Thursday my doctor sent me for blood tests to check my hormone and glucose levels.

    Sunday gone I received my first natural period in seven years. I say natural as before then every period I had since I was fifteen has been effected by the implant or the pill. This I was very happy about.

    My question is as follows:

    What would be good results to get back from the tests? The doctor says if my hormone levels aren’t good then they will try me on hormone tablets to see if that helps and if they are good they will send my husband and I to a fertility clinic. I am going back to the doctors next Thursday to discuss the results but I am phoning up tomorrow to get them as I can’t wait that long to know what is happening. Any advice?

    Good luck to everyone. X
    Called this morning for the results, the reception ladies can’t give me any information as the doctor has just said that I need to go in and discuss the results with him. After a few more calls, I found out that one of the tests came back with problems. Can’t get an appointment till a week today. Really worried about what is going to happen.

    • ANSWER:
      It took my daughter 10 years to conceive, she has about 3 weeks to wait, So don’t whatever you do, give up. Just lay back and enjoy trying.

    Left ovary pain? Pregnant? Cyst?
    Okay, so I had my real period The beginning of February. Then I had break through bleeding for two weeks after I switched BC pills. I decided to stop taking the pills. I’m not sure when my period is supposed to come because of the abnormal bleeding, being off of BC pills for the first time in about 4 years, and my irregular cycle before I was on BC. My fiance and I continue to have sex. Not very often. We used a condom all but one time. Not very smart, I know. During intercourse a week ago, it felt like my left ovary was about to burst – it just hurt so bad! After intercourse, my uterus continued to hurt, kind of like cramps but much much worse. I figure I would be do for my period this week or next.

    If I were to be pregnant, if I take a test now, would it show up?
    Does the break through bleeding cause my regular period to become irregular?

    Also, has anyone experienced with pain in the ovary/uterus?
    I’m only twenty years old, but my family has a history of ovarian cysts.. do they occur this young? My last gyno appt. was fine, but this is not the first time I have had my ovary hurt.

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Every woman that menstruates, produces an ovarian cyst during ovulation called a Corpus Luteum. It produces a hormone that alters the lining of your uterus so that the embryo can easily implant itself to the uterine wall. If no pregnancy occurs the cyst stops producing this hormone, disappears and the uterus sheds its lining (about 2 weeks after ovulation) causing the bleeding you see when you have your period. If a pregnancy does occur, that cyst will remain and continue to produce the hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. It is also what the baby lives off of until the placenta is formed. Normally, they go away on their own without any symptoms and most women don’t know they ever had one. But occasionally they can be quite large and cause some pain. If you have a family history of ovarian cysts, you should have them checked by a Dr to make sure they are nothing to be concerned about. But my guess is that you were ovulating and are feeling that corpus luteum cyst. Some women experience this every month when they ovulate. If it gets worse or doesn’t go away, see your Dr.

    Pain during sex, bleeding afterwards?
    a little bit of background: i had lower abdominal pain for 2 weeks, followed by an episode of extreme pain for 1.5 hrs a week ago yesterday. went to the doctor, he suggested ovarian cysts. i didnt have any ultrasound or pelvic exam to confirm this.

    my husband and i had sex a couple of days before and after the extreme pain episode with no problems.

    this morning we had a quickie before he left for work and towards the end i began experiencing pain. it wasnt unbearable, but definately uncomfortable. it was a position we’ve used regularly with no problem. afterwards, the pain was mostly gone (with a bit of cramping) everything was fine – i went pee etc etc.

    i went back to sleep and woke up an hour and a half later with the kids. when i went to the bathroom, i had bright red bleeding. my last period started on july 14-15 and i have longer cycles, so i dont think thats what this is.

    im now sitting here with cramping in my lower abdomen again. i was thinking maybe its related to ovarian cysts, but wouldnt the symptoms be gone if i had one burst last week? what could cause this?

    • ANSWER:
      pain during sex + bleeding after sex always have reasons which should be treated – discover all below

    Hi everyone, I placed this question in the womens section and I will have to ask this question regarding my?
    right ovary. on the 28th of last moth I got an ultrasound and it showed 2 septated ovarian cysts and fluid in the pouch of Doglous, and last Monday I bleed soooooo much when it was not my period I almost hemeraged. No the cysts did not burst becasue I was told I would be in a lot more pain than I was. Now today I had another ultrasound internally and it showed fluid still in my right ovary and the septated cyts have gone and now there is fluid in my pelvis for the first time, and it shoed a simple cysts or a follicle. What the? I cannot understand this. 3 weeks ago it was a sus septated cysts not it has gone and now shows a differnet cyst wtih fluid in my pelivs as well as the ovary. Is it possible that ovarian cancer is hard to detect and that will wlll show free range fluid but things that look like a cysts. I mean to go from a spetated one to a simple one ar possilbe follicle has me confused.What is this? Will I need a biopsy? Is it possible that it is cancerous and the fluid has
    from the ovary to the pelvis?I had a ca125 done about 3 weeks ago and it showed cancer antigen in my body of 21. Will I need an MRI? Please help. I am 38
    from the ovary to the pelvis?I had a ca125 done about 3 weeks ago and it showed cancer antigen in my body of 21. Will I need an MRI? Please help. I am 38

    • ANSWER:
      The normal values for a CA-125 depend on the lab running the test. In general, levels above 35 U/ml are considered abnormal.
      In pre-menopausal women, the test is less reliable as values are often elevated due to a number of non-cancerous causes, and a value above 35 is not necessarily a cause for concern.
      Polycystic ovary syndrome is characterized by mild obesity, irregular menses or amenorrhea, and signs of androgen excess (hirsutism, acne). Typically, the ovaries contain multiple cysts. Diagnosis is by pregnancy testing, hormone level measurement, and imaging to exclude a virilizing tumor. Treatment is symptomatic.
      Complications of PCOS:-
      * Sterility
      * Obesity-related conditions, like high blood pressure and diabetes
      * Increased the risk of endometrial cancer — this is because the endometrium (lining of the uterine wall that sheds when you menstruate) can get thicker and thicker (hyperplasia) due to the lack of ovulation
      * Possible increased risk of breast cancer
      Please see the web pages for more details on Cancer Antigen-125 and Polycystic ovary syndrome.

    When should I do a pregnancy test? I am not sure when the first day of my last period was due to these events.?
    I just had two ovarian cysts that burst. Both of them caused me to have some vaginal bleeding the first one had me bleeding for about 10 days. The second one burst only about a week later the bleeding lasted for around 7 days. A week later I was bleeding again, I was thinking that it was time for my normal period at first but I stopped bleeding three days later and normally my periods last for 6-8 days. The fact that I only bled for 3 days makes me suspect that it may have been implantation bleeding that can happen when a fetus attaches itself to the wall of the uterus. I cannot be sure when my last period started. My ? now is when would be the best time to test since i know when implantation probably happened, but do not know when the first day of my missed period would be because of these circumstances. Is there anyone out there that can answer this? I really need to know how long after implantation is there enough of the hormones that are detected by the pregnancy tests to give a true reading if implantation has truly been the cause of this bleeding. I had implantation bleeding with my son but I mistook it for an actual period so I was several weeks along almost two months I think before I even tested for pregnancy with him. Is anyone out there that can answer this without guessing? I really need to know for sure I do not want to try too early. I would of course like to know as soon as it is really possible to know for sure. Please if you can give me a positively qualified answer with a reliable source of info. I would be forever grateful. This one is puzzling me to no end! Thanks so much!
    NOW to be really clear I do not know when I may have actually ovulated because I was bleeding from the cysts that burst. I am sure that I had my period approx. 10 days before the first cyst burst. I knew the 2 cysts were there because i had an ultrasound done to find out why I was having pelvic pain before this occured . I start bleeding before my period should arrive. I go to the dr to find out why. It was a burst cyst I bled for ten days. I was having sex during the week after I stopped bleeding. Ok after thinking this through I finally figured out when I probably ovulated. it was during the week that I was not bleeding. OMG! I just answered my own question! If my calculations are correct I can now take the test and get the correct result.(I really think I already know what the result is going to be).More than likely is positive. Wow hey I need to thank you Pickles your answer was a real help! You got me really thinking about this and helped me come to a conclusion.Fabulous answe

    • ANSWER:
      If what you had really was implantation bleeding then it can be as little as 3 or 4 days later that a pregnancy test would detect hcg. Especially if you test first thing in the morning when your urine is at it’s strongest. However host test are little more than 50% accurate that early on. For the best results you should be 5 or 6 days after the bleeding (14 days after sex).

      To make it clearer to judge for yourself, conception is most likely if you’ve had sex a maximum of 3 days prior to ovulation. Then the fertilised egg takes between 6 and 10 days to arrive in the uterus and begin to implant. It usually happens on day 8. Earlier is good. Later is not so good and has a higher risk of miscarriage as the corpus luteum would begin to break down and hormone levels change preparing for a period before hcg has built up enough to stop it.

      The bleeding however is usually so slight it is hardly noticeable and shouldn’t last long. Some women may have more blood loss but this is usually due to the changes in hormone levels rather than implantation.

    i need help!? like soonest tonight please! please help me with this?
    in like march or april my left ovary had hurt me after sex, it hurt for a whole day then it was just off and on. i had a medical abortion on april 14th. april 30th i went back and they said i still had stuff in my uterous so i took ergonovine to rid it all. i went back may 3srd or so and it was all clear. on may 9th i found out i had a 2 inch ovarian cyst on my left ovary and small cysts on my right ovary. the planned parent had told me to take birth control but i did not. and i have recently found out birth control helps regulate my hormones. i am not bleeding heavily, i am just spotting still.
    i was wondering when is it okay to take birth control?
    can i take it tomorrow?
    is yaz the same as birth control?
    will my cyst burst if i have sex?
    will my cyst disappear if i take birth control?
    since it’s 2 inches will it hurt if it bursts?
    will i need to get it surgically removed?
    please help me??
    useful information?

    i am 17 years old.
    118 lbs.
    and 5’0.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it is ok to still take the birth control. Something in the pill is actually very helpful in shrinking the cyst sometimes. Yaz is a great form of birth control… that’s what I was taking. If your cyst burst, yes it will be a little painful… you will need to go to the emergency room right away. A two inch cyst in definately something to watch and monitor, just to make sure they are not getting any bigger. I had them on both of my ovaries and chose to have them removed. A very simple outpatient surgery… you will be home the same day and just need to take it easy for a couple of days. Keep your options open, and try not to worry about it… I was freaking out and when it was all said and done, it was not worth all the crying I did. Good luck.

    Bleeding after sex-not a virgin?
    My boyfriend and I were messing around yesterday and he was fingering me. But as he was doing so he pushed really hard and it really hurt me. We had to stop for a while. I felt a little sore but we still had sex. But i’ve been spotting all day today and i’m not sure what to do. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and am not sure if a cyst has burst or something?

    I’m in a fair bit of pain even though the spotting has near enough stopped now.

    Any idea on what it might be or what I need to do now?

    Thanks in advance!
    My cyst has burst before and I didn’t even realise :s

    Thanks for your help guys, it’s much appreciated :)

    • ANSWER:

    Lingering health problem + low lymphocyte, high eosinophils, and high neutrophils?
    For the past year I’ve had a bad string of health problems and lots of fatigue. Most of this seems to follow a vacation to Costa Rica, where I was in Peace Corp country drinking questionable water. The parasite theory is my own, however, and when I’ve mentioned it in passing, doctors haven’t given it much mind since I’ve been back.
    Health problems since Sept. 08 have included mild to moderate folliculitis, mainly on the arms (didn’t have before), multiple flare ups of MRSA infection (localized and easily treated—the last bout I didn’t go to the doctor for, but the pimple-mass fit the bill and resolved after a few weeks on its own), anemia-esque fatigue, ovarian cyst (I think it’s own animal), pink eye, small white styes on the eyelids, bronchitis, several sinus infections, strong menstrual pains, and in the last few months, abdominal pain and nausea, and rectal bleeding (bright red, small inflamed vessel pinned as the cause by an RNP). The nausea I think can be attributed to birth control and my bad reaction to it (the lowest dose, pill form, that I can find however), and it was definitely exacerbated during the cyst period, where I would become extremely hungry, feel full quickly, and then quickly feel nausea. Allergies need to be medicated now, usually only had fall and spring problems, but I do work in an animal lab, and may be sensitizing intolerably to the rats. Loads of fun.
    Overall, I’m really tired of one illness/problem cropping up right after the last one, as well as being brought down by fatigue and medical bills (no insurance). I fit the bill of the immunosuppressed, and finally having my full blood count values in my hand, would love the advice of a doctor or health professional to help me piece it together. I have had two unprotected sexual encounter, only one with the first boyfriend and multiple with the second; the sexual history of the second boyfriend is trustworthy, whereas the first may have had more casual/numerous unprotected sexual encounters. Since it was only once, I want to believe that rules out HIV, but despite the 1:100 or 1:1000 odds the give it, it could happen just that once. I didn’t have any other STDs reported for my pap exam in February, 2 weeks from the first time I had sex with that first boyfriend. In my mind, it would be weird if the only STD he had were HIV, but whatever. I eat pretty healthy, run marathons on occasion, and am careful to watch my iron content, given a tendency to be anemic. 22 year old, white female.
    Anyways, I have most of all values of a standard work up:

    Relative percent values
    WBC 8.0
    NE 73.1
    LY 17.5
    MO 6.7
    EO 2.3
    BA 0.4

    10^3 values

    NE 5.9
    LY 1.4
    MO 0.5
    EO 0.2
    BA 0.0

    RBC 4.19
    HGB 12.7
    HCT 36.9
    MCV 88.1
    MCH 30.3
    MCHC 34.3
    RDW 12.3

    PLT 311
    MPV 6.6

    I wish I had previous blood charts for comparison, but this is the only one I have (thanks to worries about my cyst bursting over the weekend…man oh man). Anyways, thanks for any opinions.
    The 8.0 for WBC is not a percentage, but 8.0 X10^3/l…
    The 8.0 for WBC is not a percentage, but 8.0 X10^3/l…

    • ANSWER:
      These CBC results are fairly unremarkable for a 22 year old female.
      There is some slight anemia – the Hgb is lower than I would expect – but the red cell indices do not suggest iron deficiency. A multivitamin with iron and folic acid would be a reasonable general measure for someone like you – like most prenatal vitamins. There is nothing in the CBC which answers for any of the symptoms or problems you have described. This number of eosinophils does not suggest parasitic infection picked up in Costa Rica. You can have an HIV test at your local county health dept. for little money. It will be negative, and you can relax on that one. Another thought might be a serum T4 / TSH to rule out a treatable thyroid deficiency causing the fatigue.

      None of this sounds serious, but I’m sure it is annoying to be ill so often at such a young age – especially for a marathon runner. Obviously a complete check up by a primary care physician is far better than any advice we can give over the internet. It’s tough without insurance in this country – the U.S. Hopefully that will soon change.

    Had to go to the E.R again today…?
    Im 5 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and already this pregnancy hasn’t been to good.My other 2 pregnancies were great and both babies were as healthy as can be.It all started yesterday when I fell and about 10 minutes later I started having pains and then started bleeding bright red blood.I went to the hospital,they did blood work and did a ultrasound and said the baby was fine but they diagnosed the problem as abortion threatened another term for miscarriage.Today the pain started again.We went to the hospital again and as soon as I got there I started bleeding again.So now Im even more scared.The doctors ran test,did another ultrasound and said the baby was fine.We thought it was an etoptic pregnancy but the doc said he saw the sac & baby in my uterus.He said from the ultrasound he saw that I have a ovarian cyst and that’s problem why Im having all the horrible pain.He also said I have like a 16% of having a miscarriage because some fluid was going where the baby was.Im praying for a miracle! My question is what will happen to this cyst? Will it just go away or burst? I need some help!
    Also,how could fluid be getting where the baby is…Has anyone doc ever told them that you have a 16 percent of losing the baby because of it.

    • ANSWER:

    Left ovary pain during mentruation?
    Yesterday I went to my obgyn’s due to sever pain I had where my left ovary is on wednesday afternoon. Yesterday it was a bit less painfull but i still felt discomfort only on the left when she did and internal/external and poked around in that general area. She had me get two blood tests done. One for pregnancy to rule that out first, and the other for to check my blood for signs of problems or infections. She said she felt my left ovary to be slightly enlarged but everything felt normal. It could be possible that I have a small cyst, but she thinks it will just go away on its own. This has happened to me now for three cycles I have pain majorly on my left ovary side. But she was not too concerned. When they called wth the test results today she said my blood platelet count is 6 points higher than the norm, but that it could be that I started my period yesterday. She ordered an ultrasound to be done on monday to see if everything looks ok. My family has a history of ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

    The strangest thing, is that normally my cycles are 45-55 days long, this cycle i ovulated sooner, on day 21, about 5 days past positive ovulation test, I began getting period like, mild cramping all over. Then a few days later dpo 9 they got more intense and majorly on the left, but not constant. Then on wednesday it was so painfull, intense that it felt something was about to burst! The pain would go down into me leg and then after a few minutes it would go back to normal period cramping. During this time I was eperiencing dark pink-brown spotting and getting hardly any sleep. Yesterday morning i woke up at 5 am feeling all wet and I just knew it was AF. I also had the pain again but not as bad. My ovary just felt irritated like a burning sensation. As the day progressed it just felt irritated when I sat or walked, and today its even less than that but i can still feel it every now and then , or if im sitting up.

    I am still waiting on the hcg test to rule out pregnancy. I was worried about ectopic.

    I am 22, TTC #1, and other wise healthy. Has anyone ever experienced this? My mom keeps worrying me saying Im probably just like her. She would get Ovarian Cyts called chocolate cysts due to her endometriosis in her twenties. I am really hoping I dont have this as I would like to have a baby. She had me before she had her problems, and then she had to have a hysterectomy. Something i have dreaded since my first period. I have always wanted to be a mom and having this pain is really worrying me. I am not expecting to get a positive hcg test, as yesterday my bleeding started to be red and Ive passed a bit a of tissue as well, which is normal for me. Although normally my periods are much much heavier.

    I also have a loss of appetite. Today I havent eaten one bite of anything…just water. I am doing what my ob said, and laying down since my pain and cramping comes when im moving around.

    I am really confused about my cycle lenth this month as i started red bleeding only 32 days into the cycle. I was expecting another 50 day cycle. I would be greatly happy to see my cycles shorten and have no endo or cysts, but thats just me being optomistic!

    • ANSWER:
      It may be endo but it also could just be a functional cyst. Every month, your ovaries make cysts to prepare for ovulation and after the egg is released, the cyst aids in the production of progesterone in case you happened to get pregnant.

      I have endometeriosis – I had it diagnosed and removed about 2 years ago and last year, I conceived my first child. Endo can be painful but surgery helps and so does eating healthy, exercise and acupuncture. If you are truly concerned it could be endo, seek out the help of your OB or even a RE (reproductive endocrinologist) to give you a laparoscopy – that is the only way to diagnose endometriosis. Take it easy on yourself!

    im 19 and female. I was rushed into hospital back in august with severe pain in my right side.?
    It was so bad i actually collapsed with this pain and I have very high pain threshold. I honestly thought my appendix had burst first of all. Although the doctors couldnt really find out why. Vommited blood and bile whilst in there. Had blood, protein and ecoli in my urine. Was treated for a water infections 3 times. I’m also on the implant and had been for a year and a half by this point with no bleeding what so ever. As soon as I was out of hospital I had 3 heavy bleeds in the space of two weeks and the same sort of thing happened in december. Been in and out of the hospital with these abdominal pains and at one point my leg would not work and had to be carried down there. Again to no avail. They have tried diagnosing me with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and then turned round and said this was unlikely. My doctor has been tossing up on what specialist to send me to. Urology, Gynacology or Endocronolgy ( sorry for my spelling) Went to see the Urologist a few weeks ago who pointed out the problems with my urine are not signs of water infections and has told me to come back the next time I have one. He also said it may be to do with my implant. I had an ultrasound on which they could not find my left ovary. Saturday just gone was rushed back into A and E with severe stich like pain in my abdomin, nausea and was very light headed. The pain is being kept at bay with codine but is still there and so is the nausea and light headed feeling aswell as a swollen stomach and also bleeding heavily for the past 8 days. Have done some research and looks a bit like an ovarian cyst, spoke to a GP today who said the implant stops ovarian cysts from developing but looking on websites based around it, its actually one of the less common side effects. Cant keep living like this and I’m starting a new job on monday so need to be well for that. Any ideas as to what I can do or anyone who went through the same?

    • ANSWER:
      Have them take out the implant now. I know at least three women who have had horrible side effects from it (I am assuming you are talking about Norplant here). Even if all these tests are leading nowhere specific I would bet any amount of money that you will start to feel a lot better once you are rid of that device. Sometimes it just causes the body to attack itself, you may also be one of those people that have an autoimmune reaction. Don’t let the doctors perform any exploratory surgery until you are absolutely sure that the implant is not causing your problems. Good luck.

    am i pregnant? when can i get an accurate pregnancy result?
    my husband and I am trying to conceive. My periods are irregular.period in march was on the 11, period in April was on the 7, period in may was on the 5. Had unprotected sex everyday day on may 8 10 12 15 17 19 20 22. Took ovulation test everyday starting on may 10 and was ovulating on may 20-21. I also had an ovarian cyst 8 months ago. Went to hospital with pain and they said my ovary burst on my left side. Didn’t have surgery or nothing. Went to dr a week after and he said I had the cyst but it’s gone. Can I still get pregnant? On ovulation day I had some lil cramps on my right side.could I be pregnant, if I am when will I get implantation bleeding? My stomach been felling lil crampy and last night it felt like I needed to throw up but I didn’t. Let me know what you think please.

    • ANSWER:
      your most likely pregnanct good luck

    Please tell me what you think. :)?
    my husband and I am trying to conceive. My periods are irregular.period in march was on the 11, period in April was on the 7, period in may was on the 5. Had unprotected sex everyday day on may 8 10 12 15 17 19 20 22. Took ovulation test everyday starting on may 10 and was ovulating on may 20-21. I also had an ovarian cyst 8 months ago. Went to hospital with pain and they said my ovary burst on my left side. Didn’t have surgery or nothing. Went to dr a week after and he said I had the cyst but it’s gone. Can I still get pregnant? On ovulation day I had some lil cramps on my right side.could I be pregnant, if I am when will I get implantation bleeding? My stomach been felling lil crampy and last night it felt like I needed to throw up but I didn’t. Let me know what you think please.

    • ANSWER:
      As you ovulated around the 20th sex on the days given was spot on, giving you a 20-25% chance of getting pregnant.

      Implantation spotting is only experienced by 1 in 3 women, and generally occurs 2-4 days before your period is due, often mistaken for starting early!

      It’s very early for symptoms, however everyone’s different, very best of luck,

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Please help, I have a bleeding cyst on my ovary.?
    I went to the hospital the other night and had a cat scan and a ultrasound done. The results were I have a cyst on my ovary that is bleeding. I have had a cyst on my right ovary before but nothing like this. The pain is so bad. I wanted to know what can the doctor do about a ovarian cyst that is bleeding. Im scared that it might rupture. Has anyone ever had a bleeding cyst. If so what happend. Please help I can use any answwer right now. Im scared. I have had nothing like this before.

    • ANSWER:
      well my mom has cyst on both of her ovaries, so her cycle is 3 times as bad, she was given the option to either let it shrink away or get surgery to get it out..if i were you i would take the surgery, the only my mom hasnt done that is becuz our insurance wont cover it, and she’s worried to leave the house.

      I can feel her pain when she screams, so i would rather deal with the drowsiness from a surgery, than the everlasting pain of a cyst, pounding against my ovaries, as if im givin birth each time

    I have a bleeding cyst on my oavry. I need to know what can be done about it?
    I went to the hospital the other night and the doctor told me i have a cyst on my right ovary that is bleeding and its cause really bad pain through my lower abdomen. I need to know if anyone has had this and what will happen to me.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to see another doctor. Did they check for an eptopic pregnancy (if possible), this can cause severe pain and can kill you.

      I lived 13 years with cysts and scar tissue on my ovaries but had no idea that was what was causing severe pain during menstruation. I had exam after exam, an even got an ultrasound but no one could tell me exactly what the problem was. Finally 5 years ago I found a doctor who did a laporoscopy and discovered the source of my pain. Because I was not properly diagnosed for so many years I have had two laporscopies with laser removal of scar tissue and I am facing a hysterectomy. If the condition had been treated when it began I would not have gone through what I have and I would not be dealing with having to get a hysterectomy.
      Unless you had a laporoscopy there is no way for a doctor to know what is going on in there. A laporoscopy is a surgery where a camera is inserted though a small incision, in my case the incisions were made over each ovary, then the doc went in with a laser and removed the cysts and scar tissue.

      Please don’t do what I did and wait until the pain becomes so bad that you can’t even stay consious, seek another opinion. You may have to go to several doctors until you find one that will listen, I can’t even count how many I saw. Many told me that I was to young to have problems like I did, others told me that I was a wimp (really) and I couldn’t deal with cramps. I would like to see them all again and show them what they refused to look at and “thank” them for making my chances of being a mom slim to none. Sorry I am a little bitter, please see another doctor.

    STILL VERY CONFUSED AND NEED ANSWERS – HCG Levels – Cyst on ovary – Bleeding while pregnant?
    I have been posting here because I am CONFUSED and the doctors dont know anything YET!
    This is my 3rd pregnancy. I had a molar, and I have a 20 month old son, and now Im pregnant again.
    My HPTs were negative until the day after I missed my period (which makes me think I ovulated later possibly than I thought).
    Positive on 1/12
    HCG on 1/14 was 140
    Then I had some pink and then red spotting and it went away.
    HCG on 1/16 went down to 109. The told me I would continue to miscarry although my cervix was still closed and everything felt normal. I accepted it was over and planned to try again. They wanted to repeat bloodwork until I returned to zero.
    HCG 1/21 – Up to 441 !! – Completely shocked, they tell me its most likely ectopic and they schedule me for U/S this afternoon (1/22)
    Today the US revealed nothing in my tubes (ruled out!) but also nothing in my uterus (possibly too early to tell?) and it showed a large cyst on my left ovary. I am confused and my questions are:
    #1 – Could the ovary have caused the bleeding?
    #2 – Do you think I am indeed still pregnant if my levels went up that much after going down EVEN if their is nothing in my unterus? Could it just be too early to tell?
    I will not know anything for awhile and Im just concerned. I will get bloodwork again on Monday and go from there. Any advice or similar situations? I am desperate here!

    • ANSWER:
      My understanding is that hcg doubles in 85% of women every 2-3 days but that until it reaches 1000 sonogram will not show anything in uterus or tubes, so ectopic can’t be checked until then. I hope they are wrong and you’re able to find peace in an outcome soon.

    Can a ruptured cyst on the ovary cause bleeding?
    Every so often I develop a cyst on my ovary which grows and then pops causing a lot of pain. It is harmless but was wondering if it could cause bleeding when it ruptures? It doesn’t normally for me but it happened the other night and that night I started bleeding for 4 days before period was due. Is it just s coincidence?

    • ANSWER:
      I lost an ovary because of an ovarian cyst and then developed two medium-sized ovarian cysts about 11 months later.

      I was headed for surgery again but I decided to look for an alternative. I was introduced to the Ovarian Cyst Miracle e-book and decided to give it a try.

      After several days of following the program, I no longer needed painkillers. After 10 weeks an ultrasound confirmed that my ovarian cysts were gone.

      The e-book can be found at the link below.

    ovary cyst and bleeding?
    To begin, I’m 25, in general good health, not sexually active.

    Sorry to be graphic, BUT, whenever I have a Bowel Movement…I experience bright bleeding from my va jay jay (positive it’s from there). I wipe and then it’s usually done, so it is NOT a steady flow or anything like that…just a small amount that quickly turns to brown.

    This has been going on usually 2 times a day for the past 3 weeks – I have appt wih my obgyn next week.

    I got my period last week (thought that would solve the problem, but it hasn’t) BUT now, the past few days, what I think are my ovaries, are starting to ache. I have had a cyst in the past and the ache is similar to that.

    Has anyone experienced anything like what I have described? The bleeding worries me because that’s never happened to me before.

    • ANSWER:
      see a gynecologist

    Can a cyst on your ovary cause bleeding?
    Okay, my last period was on April 20, I have a 24 day cycle. I had unprotected sex on Apirl 28, then on May 5 and 6 I had some very very light staining 2 times. I went to the doctor yesterday to see why I was having pain in my lower left side, he did a peetest and it was negative, and he said I have a cyst on my left ovary. Could I still be pregnant, and it is still too early to tell with a pee test? My period is due Monday????

    • ANSWER:
      I jsut wish I could call every woman in the world and tell her that cysts are necessary for pregnancy! Every time some women hear teh word cyst they think its a problem.

      A corpus luteum cyst forms after ovulation. Its job is to produce progesterone to sustain a possible pregnancy. If you become pregnant, the embryo sends an hCG message back to the corpus lutem to tell it to keep making progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. The corpus luteum continues until around the 12th week of pregnancy. I wouldn’t worry about the cyst unless you doctor mentioned it was rather large, and yes you could be pregnant.
      Test again in a few days if your period doesn’t show. Good luck with whatever you want.

    I have a cyst on my ovary that is bleeding and i am also experiencing heavy vaginal bleeding. Whats going on?
    is the heavy vaginal bleeding (im not menstrating) from the cyst already being ruptured? or is this a sign before it ruptures? Is this something that requires immediate medical attention?

    • ANSWER:
      i used to have these as a teenager and they suck. they are sooo painful. if they popped it it may just be the drainage. if its way too much and its painful, yes go to the er, theyll check it out and give u pain meds. if not wait till the morning and call your dr.

    what is a bleeding cyst?
    I just found out i have a cyst on my ovary. but they said it was bleeding inside. is that worse or what does that mean? it was 4 centimeteres or hwoever they measure them they said 5 usually requires surgery but should i go ahead and have surgery???

    • ANSWER:
      An ovarian cyst is any collection of fluid, surrounded by a very thin wall, within an ovary. Any ovarian follicle that is larger than about two centimeters is termed an ovarian cyst. An ovarian cyst can be as small as a pea, or as large as a grapefruit.
      If you have a pain in the pelvis or higher abdomen you could have a bleeding ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts can be those left from ovulation which can have some bleeding into them or they can be endometriosis which can have bleeding into them or any ovarian cyst may get some bleeding into it. The concerns regarding a cyst is that it could twist or leak/rupture, less likely to happen because of the small size (3 cm).

      So, a bleeding cyst is very like a normal cyst except it is ruptured which causes it to bleed.
      You may need surgary to take it out.

    If you have a large bleeding ovarian cyst should you not have sex in case it ruptures?
    I have many cysts on my ovaries (Polycystic Ovaries) but one is very large and bleeding. I am being sent for a Laporoscopy soon. In the meantime if I have sexual intercourse could I rupture the cyst? Please don’t say go ask your doctor. If it was that easy, I would have asked him and not come here. I will, but I do not have another appointment until well into April.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it could most defiantly rupture! DO NOT HAVE SEX!!! Wait until your procedure is done, and until then do other sexual favors with your lover. Bursting on ovarian cyst is painful beyond measure and extremely dangerous.

    ovarian cyst causing bleeding in pregnancy?
    due to an ovarian cyst? I’m having bleeding occasionally when active and brown discharge and baby is growing great. doctor doesn’t know why i’m bleeding and i go back tomorrow … and then weekly. but i do have a cyst on my left ovary. could bleeding be cause of this?

    • ANSWER:
      it could be, but it’s great you’ll see the dr. to make sure, you can also ask a fertility specialist (endocrinologist) online for free who might have some insight, try fertilityties.com
      good luck!!

    LMP=23.7.08.am on clomid.it caused me left ovary cyst.i had slight bleeding on 21stday.?
    cycle length is 28-30 days.i never had midcycle bleeding.is it ovulation,implantation bleeding or because of cyst?

    • ANSWER:
      I would think this could have been implantation bleeding, the timing was right. I have two cysts and they have never caused me mid cycle bleeding. Good luck!!!

    When you have an Ovarian Cyst, and bleed how could you tell wither its your period or your cyst bleeding?
    I was diagnose with an ovarian cyst on June 17 with a cyst that was full of liquid. Its June 28 2009 and now i just started to bleed. i didn’t get a period on May. i heard that sometimes your cyst can bleed but how can you tell wither its your period or cyst. i do have minor pain on my left ovary thats about it. what should i do.

    • ANSWER:
      The blood will generally have a different consistence and pattern if from a cyst than if from the uterus. Also, a burst cyst will likely hurt A LOT. So if there’s a huge amount of pain, followed by bleeding, that’s probably a cyst, and you will need to call the doc right away, or to be safe, go to the emergency room.

    late/early periods… yet little to no bleeding… cyst or pregnant? and when to test?
    As of right now my period is late, but lately my periods have been irregular the past 2 months, and i am not sure why, they have always been regular…. in oct. it was 2 days early, i bled a lil bit.. spotted mostly, and then it was gone within a day, and then in november it was 6 days late, i bled for a few hours, spotted for 2 and then it was gone….. and i had a blood test last week or the week before, it was neg, the reason i asked for a blood test at the doc’s office was because i got 3 hpt’s that were pos.. i went to the doc, and it was neg. Anyone ever had anything like this before? Wat do you ladies think it could be? someone mentioned maybe a cyst on my ovary… wat would the symptoms be for that? just curious….. I honestly haven’t been stressed out or anything lately either for my periods to be so irregular, my whole life they have been regular , and things are going pretty good so wat do you think? The pos.’s that i got were faint, i have a pic. but i get conflicted answers as to if they can see it or not, i have posted it before….. i just feel really bloated, but any symptom that I have could result from my period coming on i would imagine, it could be late i guess since it is not regular lately… wat do you think? Should i test or? just curious if anyone else has had this? and wat do you think could be the result of this? the reason i mentioned bloating is because my boobs are bigger… hurt sometimes, darkening of areolas… naseau… pants are tighter… and massive headaches.. i know this could all be a symptom of my period if it comes…. so should i not be freakin out?….and how long should i wait to test if i don’t get it? i was told a week late is nothing to worry about….. any suggestions?….. just confused and need help. plz dont’ be mean. and any answers would be great:) ( or opinions rather) thank you all ahead of time…
    Also how far along were you before you found out you were pregnant? :) jw cuz i have heard stories about women not finding out until they were a few months along , that al of their tests were neg. and they were pregnant the whole time.
    if i am pregnant, i would be about a month or so … at the most.
    also, i woldn’t care if i was pregnant or not, that is not the case i was just looking for some advice…. also i am having some strange discharge like watery…. just thought i would mention….
    they weren’t EXACTLY the same, one lasted longer than the other and taht was in october…. not november. november literally lasted an hour and a half and taht is it.. i do not think that is normal.

    • ANSWER:
      i have cysts and they hurt alot and some times its just like your about to start. If theres a chance that thats what it is go to the dr. they can check and give you med that will make it all better. i am also 6 months pregnant and for the first 3 months every month on time i had light spotting and every test said neg. but i felt preg so just keep taking test every month or so for 2 months you will know soon enough. the sooner you know your pregnant the longer you have to wait to meet your new baby,

    Can an ovarian cyst cause bleeding in early pregnancy?
    I have had various spotting during this pregnancy but my HCG levels are rising. It is still too early to see anything via ultrasound but ectopic has been rulled out and they also found a large cyst on my left ovary. Could this be the reason for the spotting?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it is possible for an ovarian cyst to cause bleeding in a pregnancy, but it may or may not be it in your case. Some woman do have various times of spotting in their pregnancy due to many different reasons and go on to have a healthy full term baby.

      I would definitely talk to your doctor more about the cyst and keep an eye on the bleeding. If it ever turns bright red that means that it is not old blood which means you need to call your doctor ASAP.

      Good luck with everything!

    can you still conceive if you had bleeding from cyst?.?
    Hi..my husband and I are trying for baby number 2 and i just found out that i have a cyst on my ovary. I go for an ultrasound thursday. I had some bleeding from the cyst in the middle of the month…mid cycle also…but my period has never come. I would be 2 and a half weeks late today….could i be pregnant???

    • ANSWER:
      Possibly. Periods don’t necessarily cause you to not be able to become pregnant.

    Can an ovarian cyst rupture an ovary or fallopian tube?
    I’ve had cysts for years, and now that I’m not on birth control they’re worse then ever. I recently had a late period that coincided with one of the cysts rupturing, but it didn’t seem like a normal period. The pain was all in my ovary, the bleeding was massive but only lasted 2 days (instead of the usual 6) should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      Depending on the size of the cyst it could possibly rupture an ovary but I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what she says. Also, let her know that you are concerned about all the pain that you are having.

    this just isn’t normal, please help?
    okay, well this all started about three weeks ago, and back then my symptoms were:
    - three days after my period
    - lower pelvic, and back pain (mainly left side) – quite bad
    Was told I had a Haemorragic cyst on my ovary (bleeding cyst)
    - apparently this was normal… pain went away after about 5 days

    Since then, I have had on and off lower back pain, and sometimes abdominal pain. I have been getting very constipated, and bloated. The constipation is not the typical constipation, but it is like
    - I can not move my bowels
    - never any poo in my rectum, it feels like it gets blocked somewhere befre it enters there, and just can’t move
    - use of laxatives
    it’s like it just can’t move through my system! sorry for the grossness!
    and also, on my back (lefthnd side) is a lumpy thing, that is internal (not on the skin) it is not visable, but can be felt.
    When you feel it, it kind of feels fluidy.
    I need some help, i’m only 14!
    I’ve been internet researching and it keeps coming up with scary things, like a spinal tumor, or ovarian problems.
    What could this be?

    • ANSWER:
      darling this sounds miserable.
      i would just go to the doctor
      please just do it for your own good.
      you are not going to find a cure on the internet.
      just get professional help before it gets worse!
      good luck and i hope you feel better hunny!:)

    I am 2 weeks pregnant and have a cyst on my right ovary, could this cause spotting or bleeding?
    My doctor said the cyst was the cause of the cramps on the right side of my stomach. She also said that the cyst was a good thing giving the baby extra nutrients. And that everything else is good, but we cant figure out whats causing me to bleed or “spot”. Does anyone have any experience with this? She said baby is growing as it should, and I have another doctors app this afternoon. If you have any experience or know someone who has, I would love some insight. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I had some spotting in the beginning of both my full term pregnancies. Take it real easy and listen to your dr. You got a long way to go yet! Good luck and congrats!

    Should I decide on a partial or full hysterectomy at age 31?
    I have two children and have had my tubes tied for five years. Since then I have very heavy and irregulary peiods (atleast two a month) with severe pain. Recently I found out that I have a bleeding cyst on my right ovary and one that is not bleeding on my left. My doctor is considering hysterectomy if my cervical biopsy doesn’t show simple infection. Has any one else been through this. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I was your age when I had a total hysterectomy. My gyn. told me that my pain was from my ovaries and I would continue having it if I didn’t have them removed. He also said that the majority of women who have a partial are back within six months having their ovaries removed. I’d say get it all done at once, that way it is over with. If you take your HRT on a regular basis, you should have no problems with hot flashes, osteoporosis, etc.

    cysts on my ovaries bleeding or miscarriage?
    I have two small cysts on my ovaries, but ive also bee TTC.
    My period isnt due for another 7 day’s, yet im have HEAVY bleeding [3 tampons an hour!] When normaly i could use 1 tampon (if i didnt change it) for 3 days which is normaly how long i have my period.

    • ANSWER:
      You should go to the emergency room or urgent care now. If you are really bleeding that heavily, you may be experiencing a miscarriage. Let the doctors sort it out for you, you should not be soaking 3 tampons/per hour. That is a medical emergency.

    I need help! Bleeding after ovarian cyst removed!! *URGENT*?
    Last year I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome and just about a month ago I had a cyst on my right ovary removed because it was 3in in diameter on the outside of my ovary. 2 days after the surgery I started to bleed, heavily, for over a week. I called the surgeons office and they said for me to go see my personal doctor, well I dont have one so i had to go to the health department and they put me on birth control, two a day and I should stop bleeding. I haven’t stopped bleeding yet!!! It helped it slow down, its not as heavy but I am still bleeding, I’m suppose to start my cycle this tuesday the 28th but i havent even stopped bleeding yet.. is it normal? I seen alot of you had ovary surgeries, did you bleed???? Please help if you have any suggestions e-mail me or write me on myspace www.myspace.com/crzyrdncksteph or reply on here, its urgent!! I’m getting really worried, me and my husband want children one day. I need to know if anyone has had this problem cause the doctors arent helping me!!! Please!! :’(

    • ANSWER:
      did you check webmd?

    I have a clear cyst on my left ovary. I have been bleeding for 5 weeks. Is that normal for an ovarian cyst?
    I have been getting my period every other week for 4 months. Had a procedure done in which they injected my uterus w/ water to then do an ultrasound to check for cysts in the uterine lining. They did not find one. But they did find one on my left ovary. Now, since that procedure I have been bleeding daily for 5 weeks. Is it true that to get the cyst removed I will not be able to have more children? Is there other procedures to do?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to talk to your doctor–you shouldn’t be bleeding for 5 weeks!

      It is not true that if you get the cyst removed, you can’t have children. That’s just silly. Who told you that? You have TWO ovaries. You only need ONE ovary in order to have children. Plus, a skilled surgeon can remove just the cyst, and leave the ovary in you, so you’ll still have two ovaries. Though, depending on the cyst, it’s always possible that it can’t be removed, so the doc might have to take out the ovary, too. There’s no way to be 100% sure until after the surgery. Since your fertility is of concern to you, you might want to talk to a fertility expert–they can do the surgery (if you need surgery) and will be skilled at preserving your ability to have children. One other thing you can try before going the further step of having surgery is to start taking birth control pills. That can often shrink cysts.

    Would a ovarian cyst cause heavy bleeding?
    I have a 2.5 cm mass on my left ovary and my Dr said that it is nothing to worry about and that it would be gone by this month. But I am having a lot of cramping and heavy dark red bleeding between periods. And my periods have been 5-7 days late for the last two months lasting 2-3 days.
    Should I go back?
    my period is not heavy, actually it is really light. I am bleeding really heavy BETWEEN periods.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, I know from experience that cysts on the ovary can cause or at least factor into heavy and painful periods. There may also be another reason though, like endometriosis. You should go back to your doctor and tell him/her about your new symptoms. I was put on birth control pills to regulate my cycle and stop excessive bleeding and that may be an option for you.

    Cyst on Ovary – Cause of Menstruation?
    Would a cyst on my ovary cause irregular bleeding for over 2 weeks?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, ovarian cysts can cause irregular periods and longer than usual periods.

      Some other symptoms of ovarian cysts can include pelvic pain – constant, dull aching, pain with intercourse or pelvic pain during movement, pain during bowel movements, pelvic pain shortly after beginning or ending a menstrual period, abnormal uterine bleeding (change from normal menstrual pattern), longer than usual menstrual cycle, shorter than usual menstrual cycle, absent/missed menstruation, irregular menstruation and abdominal bloating or swelling.

      I would recommend that if you think you have an ovarian cyst that you consult with your doctor/gyno about this and ask them to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

      I have suffered from many bilateral ovarian cysts over the past 10 years and have surgery 2 times to have them removed (it wasn’t anything too serious).

      I hope this helps to answer your question. Good luck :)

    anyone have bleeding in early pregnancy?
    due to an ovarian cyst? I’m having bleeding occasionally when active and brown discharge and baby is growing great. doctor doesn’t know why i’m bleeding and i go back tomorrow … and then weekly. but i do have a cyst on my left ovary. could bleeding be cause of this?

    • ANSWER:
      if your dr doesnt know why go to another its not normal to bleed

    I have a cyst on my ovaries and after intercourse i started bleeding bright red blood?
    it was a lot but it only bleed for a few minutes.Ive had sex many more times it wasn’t my first time.After that happened i started getting really bad abdominal pains and iv’e had them for a few days.Could my cyst have ruptured?

    • ANSWER:

    Postpartum bleeding for 7 weeks, had ultrasound and found 5cm cyst on left ovary?
    Hello there all,

    I have bled for 7 weeks straight (apart from a few days at 3 weeks) since my beautiful daughter was born by c-section on the 30th October. Today I had an ultrasound and a 5cm cyst was found on my left ovary and the ultrasound tech believes that that is why I am still bleeding.

    Has anybody else experienced this at all and if so what was done to fix this? CAN something be done?

    I was hoping that I would stop bleeding by Christmas but now that doesn’t look like a possibility. :-( I’m so frustrated!

    My results were sent to my OBGYN today, but he had finished work already for the day early and won’t be in until Monday morning. Another OBGYN working in the same office had to rush off for a c-section so Monday morning it is! Until then I have three sleeps! What are your thoughts?

    Thanks for your help with this!

    • ANSWER:
      I was diagnosed with cystic ovaries when I was 17. It is a hormonal condition. I wonder if the cyst was there when your doctor did the c-section. (when I had my twins via c-section my doctor drained the cysts on my ovaries) I have had cysts on my ovaries that come and go pretty much since I hit puberty. There are a few things that will help. The best and easiest answer is birth control. The pills are what work best for me. If the cyst is large enough that it is causing pain then the doctor can drain it. that is done in the doctor’s office. Also sometimes if you only have one cyst and it doesn’t come back then there are some hormones that the doctor can give (I have never done this because I have multiple cysts).

      But for me the best answer was to take birth control pills.

    i have a cyst on my ovaries and after intercourse i started bleeding bright red blood?
    it was a lot but it only bleed for a few minutes.Ive had sex many more times it wasn’t my first time.After that happened i started getting really bad abdominal pains and iv’e had them for a few days.Could my cyst have ruptured?

    • ANSWER:
      Possibly. You should visit your doctor to get checked out.

    Ovarian Cyst with vaginal bleeding after exam and previous abortion.?
    On November 20 I had to have an abortion due to serious health issues. Shortly thereafter my boyfriend and I had intercourse in hopes to conceive again. 6 weeks later still no bleeding or pain, so I went to see the doctor for a pregnancy test. My test was confirmed positive and we followed with an ultrasound. Also, just to note at my three week check up after abortion, I was confirmed to be testing negative for pregnancy. During the ultrasound the doctor noticed I had a cyst on my left ovary. He said he actually didn’t see anything in my uterus to show pregnancy but I must be from my blood test, and the cyst is just a normal part of pregnancy. He did what I believe is considered a bimanual exam of the cyst. Inserting two fingers into the vagina then pressing down on my abdomen. I felt pain, but it wasn’t too extreme. About ten minutes later I started feeling pain in my clitoris and abdomen where the cyst was located. I felt like I had to pee and crap all at once but couldn’t. Pain was also in my lower back. By the time I got home I was bleeding. At first it was dark with some tissue, but not much. Then it remained bright red and wasn’t constant, just on and off. The original pain I felt was gone except for tenderness around the ovary with the cyst. I called back to the office this morning that I visited and explained this to the nurse who answered, but since they don’t treat ovarian cysts there, there isn’t anything they can do. Since the abortion, I haven’t had anything like this and have been pain and blood free. Could the blood test have been wrong and I am not pregnant, and the doctor feeling around my ovary brought on what is now a period? Could the doctor have ruptured my ovary and that is what is causing the bleeding? I am rather worried, but do not have insurance to jump to ER as I am already owing in over ,000 in med bills. And I would hate to spend hours waiting and money I do not have just to find out it’s a period or something. Any medical advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Medical bills or not, you probably should go to an ER especially with the passage of tissue and blood. At the ER, make it very firm, that you want to keep the baby if at all possible.

      Sorry for the trauma that you have and are continuing to go through. If this pregancy is not successful, I would suggest waiting a while and let your body heal before trying again. Wait several months, maybe a year or longer. Good luck.

    cyst on ovary while pregnant?
    Ok, so I went and had an u/s done yesterday I am 6weeks 2days, the reason i had it done cause i was having just a tiny bit of bleeding…and they found a cyst on my left ovary and called it a pregnancy cyst!? well when i had an u/s done a month and a half ago there was nothing there…why now that i’m pregnant? and what can they do about it?

    • ANSWER:

    I swallowed my permanent retainer.?
    Eating food, I swallowed my glued on lower retainer on Monday afternoon last week. I still have not passed it and my gut is on fire. The ER did x-rays and CT and MRI telling me that the wire is on my right side large intestines and that I have kidney stones in both kidneys AND a bleeding cyst on left ovary. They sent me home with NO instructions, other than I am constipated and to contact my GP.. Its been 7 days to the day and my gut burns on BOTH sides and I am hurting. I am so scared! I have pooped a few times with no wire and my tummy is swollen.

    • ANSWER:
      If it is wire, I doubt that it is going to come away of it’s own accord. I hate to say it but I think that you will need one lot of surgery to remove the lower retainer that you swallowed Monday. Go to your GP as soon as possible and organise to have a specialist surgeon do this. It is the only way out of pain.

      The next step is to get rid of the kidney stones and the bleeding cyst on the left ovary. Usually the kidney stones can be removed using laser surgery. You will need to see a specialise Urologist who will perform this operation. You will then need to see a specialist gynaecologist to very quickly remove the bleeding cyst of the left ovary. This should not be left as it could turn cancerous.

      I wish you well as you have a lot of surgery before you. Will say a prayer for you. I hope you live in a country where government medical will pay your costs.

      Good Luck!!!

    Can my wife still get pregnant with a 3cm cyst on left ovary? Will it go away? It is causing severe symptoms!?
    We have been trying to have another baby. She has had this cyst for two months now. Well, we tried over Xmas and she started bleeding, have pelvic pain and back pain. Did the cyst rupture? This was a week ago and she has been bleeding (spotting) since ovulation. Her period is not due for another few days.

    • ANSWER:
      If she knows that she has a cyst then I am certain she has seen a physician. What is doing for it? A cyst usually has to be surgically removed or she will be given birth control to help reduce it and prevent more from forming. A cyst does not prevent pregnancy. They do cause a lot of pain. If a ruptured cyst caused bleeding she needs to see her physician as soon as possible. It is not unusual to spot before or after a period. Your body changes from year to year and if she was recently on birth control. That can cause spotting. Also, in the very beginning of a pregnancy some women bleed or spot, I have included a web pages below that will give you more accurate information than my own.

    cyst on right ovary.?
    hi im 17 years old i was told 2 days ago that i have a mass cyst on my right ovary and its bleeding its 5 cm and is solid its extremely painful and i went to the doctor today and she was a new doctor to me so she tells me that shes not going to do anything and just wait for it to go away but the thing is ive been in pain on my right side for about 4-5 months now so i think its just getting bigger do you think she made the right decision on just not doing anything about it and checking up on me in 6 weeks im in alot of pain and i feel like im going to puke i dont know how much longer i can go on with being in pain laying sitting going to the bathroom etc..and waking up every 2 hours from being in pain…im sorry if this is so long thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      You are going to have to see a different doctor. There is no reason why you should have to go through all that pain, I think it sounds like it could be something more. If it’s a non-functional cyst, it could explode and then you’re in the hospital undergoing surgery. I don’t know if going to the emergency ward is an option for you or not, but that’s what I would do. If that’s not an option, or if you think you can hang on through the night, go see a different doctor in the morning. I’m not trying to scare you but there can be some severe problems if this isn’t taken care of right away. Don’t tell the new doctor what the other one said and see if you get a different diagnosis or not. If they say the same thing, tell them you just can’t take the pain anymore and need some help with that.
      Best of luck to you.

    How long should you bleed when a cyst burst on your ovaries?

    • ANSWER:
      Cysts burst monthly to release an egg – that doesn’t mean that you’ll have any bleeding. If you are talking about an ovarian cyst that has grown over time, you need to be very careful.

      I had a cousin who had a cysts that grew so large, that when it burst, she had to have her ovary removed.

      I have polycystic ovaries as well, so I am pretty well versed in ovarian surgery. If you want to share more details, I may be able to give you a better answer.

    Been bleeding for 23 days and diagnosed with ovarian cyst and dr refuses to see me cuz no ins what to do…?
    I’ve been to the er twice for pain and heavy bleeding first time was given macrobid for swollen cervix and uti two weeks later went back for pain and still bleeding and was diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary. Was told to follow up wit Dr they refered me to but he refuses to see me without ins or full payment upfront…

    • ANSWER:

    Pregnant! Cyst on Ovary. Question?
    Yes i am 6 weeks and 1 days pregnant. I went and got u/s Thursday and got to see baby heartbeat. It was 99 beats a min. They say that is normal cause it so early in pregnancy. Anyways they said everything looks good. My yolk sac was real big and (juicy). But anyways i haven’t been cramping and i had a little blood yesterday and today. I been wearing pad cause i been having discharge which they say is normal not to worry. They told me when i call that i had cyst on right ovary and it is bleeding. Could my blood be comin from they cyst or something else? Should i be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      If its not a lot of blood and you aren’t having severe cramps, I wouldn’t worry. If the blood increases or you start having pain, go get checked out right away.

      As far as the cyst:

      When you ovulate a small cyst forms in the place where the egg came from on your ovary. This cyst is called a corpus luteum cyst and you actually get one every month but it goes away right around the time you get your period. This usually non-problematic cyst produces progesterone to help thicken your uterine lining in anticipation of a fetilized egg implanting, when you are pregnant this cyst can stick around longer than normal (sometimes even until the 12th week).

      I have never heard of one bleeding though so I have no idea.

      If you have concerns about your pregnancy you should call your doctor.

    Worried about ovary cyst?
    Hi, hope you guys can help. Im just a total worrier and i need some advice, I have a cyst on my left ovary which has been causing a few problems and sometimes alot of pain. I go on tuesday to have another ultra sound and internal scan. If the cyst has not gone away itself what will the next step be?
    Would they just leave it? If it has grown in size over the past 6 weeks what would that mean? The lastime i was told the cyst had ruptured and was bleeding, is this OK and normal?

    • ANSWER:
      ovarian cysts are extremely common in women and usually go away themselves over time. if this happens then no further action is needed. usually you find that they are completely harmless, however some small minority have been know to cause cancer. it all depends on the size, shape and type of the cyst. its good that you’re going to see a doctor because they should know what to do because they can take look at it and evaluate it properly. the bleeding doesn’t sound too good… but you are in safe hands – your doctor will know what to do.

      the site below is really useful if you want to know more. and please email me if you want to ask anything else :)


    Ovarian Cyst and Bleeding?????
    2 days ago I was in the ER due to a ovarian cyst that burst. I woke up that morning in really REALLY bad pain. Bad cramping all through my lower abs. I had an O/S done at the ER and the doc told me that I had a few cyst burst and I have a lot on my ovaries but they are nothing to worry about. I started bleeding this morning and it is unlike my period. It’s really dark red and very clotty. Could this bleeding come from the cyst? I am still having sharp pain in both my sides and bad period like cramps. What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      See your own doctor. The ER is there to treat emergencies, but even if he’s right and you have more but they are “nothing to worry about” your doc will want to know about it. Plus, your doc can help you with pain management options. There are treatment options as well for some people with cysts- sometimes laproscopic surgery, sometimes hormone supplements.

      I’d make an appointment with your doctor ASAP. When you call to make the appointment, tell the receptionist that you were just in the ER, that the attending physician diagnosed you with cysts, but that your pain is persisting and you are having irregular bleeding.

      I’m sure the hospital checked, but is there any way you could be pregnant? Could this be a tubal pregnancy instead of cysts?

      If the pain is unbearable, the bleeding is out of control or you develop a fever, get your tail back to the ER. Don’t worry about what they think, or if you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Take care of yourself. Better to be told there’s nothing wrong than to miss something.

    Can cyst cause me to bleed heavily why on my period?
    I am on my period right now, but think i have a cyst on my right ovary…i have had them before but i am bleeding very heavily. more than normal. can this be from having a cyst to make me bleed more?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, but if it is especially unusual you should consult your doctor.

    advice on trying to conceive?
    Hey everyone :)
    Im looking for some tips/advice on trying for a baby. My partner and I have been together for 5 years this month :) and are veeery happy together. The only thing missing in our lifes is a baby.
    I had a miscarrige in 2008, since then we have been trying for another baby. We have tried not trying (hope that makes sense).
    Ive recently found out Ive had bleeding cysts on my ovary could this be effecting my fertility?
    Sorry to ramble on I just want you’s to have as much info as possibe to help me!!
    It took 2 years for us to concieve the baby i miscarried.
    Please help me. Thank you sooo much in advance.
    p.s we are only 21 but please dont say we have all our lives ahead of us to try for a baby. also we have great steady jobs and enough money to support our family.
    thanks x x x x

    • ANSWER:
      If your cycles are consistently a certain number of days apart, you can be almost assured that your ovulation will occur 14 days before your expected period…this is what you may have heard referred to as the 2 week wait. If your cycles are irregular in length, it is helpful to keep a close watch on the consistency of your cervical mucus. You will be looking for what is called “egg white” cervical mucus. The consistency will stretch between you thumb and index finger quite well….kind of like egg white would. Lastly, it’s helpful to make sure that you O after he ejaculates. That will help to move the sperm up toward the egg. Good luck!

    I have an ovarian cyst could this cause bleeding?
    i am 6weeks pregnant and i have an ovarian cyst on my right ovary and i have been having light light pink spotting i went to the ER sunday morning and they did a ultrasound everything looked fine but i continue to get this pink spotting i am calling my doctor in the morning what could be wrong

    • ANSWER:

    Pregnant! Questions 6 weeks?
    Yes i am 6 weeks pregnant. I have had 2 vaginal u/s in the last 2 1/2 weeks. This past Thursday i had a u/s and it showed i was 5 wks and 6 days. It showed my baby heartbeat at 99 bpm. Is that normal for this early? Also…i have been having brown spotting ever since i found out about being pregnant. Now the past 3 days i have a brown spotting and it is heavier. Its in my panyliner and when i wipe. Should i be scared? I have a bleeding cyst on my right ovary. Please give me your opinions on what yall think? I know i am goin to call dr i just want to know what yall think.

    • ANSWER:

    I just found out I have fibriods, and a cyst on my ovary.. need options!?
    I just turned 30 less than a month ago and just found out I have fibroids and a cyst on my ovary… I had been bleeding for about a month straight and got very week and tired (found out I was animic). I have had symtoms of pressure on lower abdomin, some pain, breast tenderness, tired, etc… Tommorow I have my apt with the doctor to find out how many, how big and so on. I would like to know what are some of the solutions there are to these problems. I also have Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting gene, so my option of taking hormones are out of the question. Thanks for taking the time…

    • ANSWER:
      I’m 41 years old. I just had a partial hysteroctomy ( i think that is how you spell it). I also had a cyst and fibroids. with the fibroids – my doctor only found one during her exam and the ultrasound only showed one. when the doctor was doing the surgery she found a total of FIVE ! they were on the back side of my uterus they were un-detected by ultrasound and physical exam. but I too had bleeding and it was painful to have sex. my uterus was three times its normal size and i had 5 fibroids. so please tell your doctor everything. my doctor suggested birth control. but with further testing i had to have the surgery. birth control helps the fibroids not to grow anymore. good luck with the doctor. hope everything works out.

    i had an laparoscopy for the removal of a cyst 2 days ago and am now having heavy bleeding. Is this normal?
    i have endometriosis and the cyst was on the right ovary, i have also on the same day as my operation started my monthly injections of depo to stop my periods so very confused as to whats gonig on?

    • ANSWER:
      That does not sound right hun. I would call your docotor. I had one done I did not bleed afterwards. I would really call. Please let me know what you found out. Goood luck and take care

    cyst on my ovary 17 weeks pregnant?
    i’m 17 weeks pregnant and the past month or so have had a niggling pain in the same area, my lower left side just next to my hip bone (where my ovary is). it hurts when i press down on it, and sometimes it just feels like a burning pain or shooting pain on n off throughout the weeks. i’ve been to the docs and seen my midwife and both said it wasn’t anything to worry about as i’m not in loads of pain and i’m not bleeding and its prob a cyst and to get it checked out at my 20 week scan. i’m just really worried if it is a cyst that its getting bigger and will harm my baby?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi i had polycycstic ovaries im 7 weeks pregnant and all of my cysts have disappeared luckily. I asked the doctor about it before having an early scan and he said not to worry the cysts wont affect the pregnancy at all and when you give birth and have your period after they normally all disappear. It may not be a cyst i had the same feeling but on my right side but there wasn’t anything there.

    Exessive Bleeding and a 2″ Ovarian Cyst – Doctors won’t give me answers?
    I have been bleeding for the past 2 months. Some days it’s unbearably heavy and other days it’s light (over all annoying).
    I went to my DR to try and get some answers and all they did was blood work. They didn’t ask ANY questions.

    I went in again 2 days later because it was getting worse and pushed for an ultrasound to rule out a cyst. And guess what they found.. A 2 inch cyst on my left ovary!
    I don’t know if the bleeding is related to the cyst but I’ve also been having some pain on my left side for over a month now.. Some times it is a quick sharp pain while I’m not doing anything and other times it’s like an isolated cramp. Back pain has also been an issue and intercourse is painful but my doctors don’t want to hear any of this! (I am looking for a new one)

    They say it’s a simple cyst but it’s 2 inches and painful… Should it be removed?

    Has anyone else had a simple cyst removed?
    I have hyperhomocystinemia which is a blood clotting disorder and they don’t want to give me the pill even though my homocystine levels are fine

    • ANSWER:
      You need to find some new doctors. Unexplained bleeding for 2 solid months is not good.

      As to whether the cyst should be removed, depends. Usually they will try birth control before surgery, as it tends to shrink cysts, and it also tends to regulate periods. Why they haven’t done that with you I have no idea.

      I had a complex cyst surgically removed, but complex cysts don’t tend to resolve on their own, so my case was a bit different.

      You really need to find some different doctors who will take you seriously.

      EDIT: All the same, there’s stuff they can do. And they clearly aren’t. Birth control is just the typically “first try.” It may be out of the question in your case, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left they can do.

    Did anyone have to have an ovary removed because of a cyst?
    im 20 and have been having bad pains in my lower abdomen as well as spot bleeding and back pain for over a week now. i went to planned parenthood yesterday and was told i have a cyst the size of an egg on my ovary, and today i have an ultrasound scheduled. I really dont want my whole ovary to be removed because that lowers your chances of getting pregnant. Has this happened to anyone?

    • ANSWER:

    I have irregular bleeding, off and on for 3 weeks and pain like a hot poker stabbing left ovary?
    Went to Gyno again today…I am always regular, this has never happened before. I almost passed out the other day. The bleeding starts lasts 3 days and stops and then back again?! No Ovarian cysts..I do have a Nabothian Cyst.Dr doesn’t know what is wrong. Any suggestions. Had Pelvic, and Ultrasound. Grateful for any suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      I’d suggest getting a second opinion from a different doctor. Sounds like it could be serious and you don’t want to take any chances.

    Possible pregnancy or cyst on ovary?
    I have a regular 23 day cycle, my fiance’ and i have been ttc for almost a year. I was due to start my period on the 8th of july, was having severe breast tenderness and frequent urination. I did not start my period until the 9th, But it has been unusually light, it lasted 2 days and was barely a period. I noticed today that i had blood streaked clear discharge only when wiping, then the bleeding stopped suddenly. Could this be a cyst on my ovary or possible pregnancy. I took a test on the 6th it said negative. I have one child and it took until i was 5 weeks to get the first positive with her, and i also have one ovary. any answers would be appreciated

    • ANSWER:

    endometriosis & ttc/ other options?
    My DH & I have been ttc#2 for approximately 2 1/2 years now. I just found out in January, I have Stage 4 Endometriosis. I had a lap done in Jan & also had a bleeding cyst removed from my (r) ovary. While in there, my doc removed as much as the endo as she could. She then suggested I get on Lupron injections fr 6 months. I had 2 injections, (Feb & Mar). Because of the horrible side effects from the injection, I have refused my 3rd injection. I have an appointment with my doc on the 27th, is there anything else they would give me being that I cant hang with the Lupron.

    I do not want a hysterectomy now being that my DH & I do want another child. I am only 29 years old & do know that a hysterectomy is a definite in my future.

    thanks all.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m so sorry that you are going through this! It is not uncommon to have such severe side effects from Lupron that you cannot continue to get the shots.

      I’m including some links that may be helpful for you – best of luck!